Need to obtain original ETN IOT Enabled Candy Machine GIF from twitter


I really would like to obtain the original GIF of Electroneum IOT Enabled Candy Machine from MWC 2019.

Its located here, but I have no way of really grabbing original quality.



Well, this won’t be the “original quality” but I’ve uploaded to WeTransfer for you the file Twitter shows or you might even be able to do a simple “Save As” from here. Note that Twitter actually serves .mp4 files instead of GIFs. If you do need it as GIF, it would be easy to convert.

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Yeah I really need the original, best possible quality. I was able to obtain one myself but its nearly 5mb and its not as good as original :cry: Thanks though!

I think my only option to get 100% same quality is to obtain copy from makers.

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The plot thickens…

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hehe it sure does, on the hunt :stuck_out_tongue: for ETN IOT Candy GIfs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Im sure I shall be witnessing your mischievous work at some stage.

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Why not grab one of the YouTube vids at 1080p and make your own…?

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Mods are obtaining video for us.

The video on YouTube is not the actual video of an IOT Candy Machine within the GIF on twitter. They are different. Video on YouTube is shot from a further distance. To make a catching GIF like the one on Twitter, really just need a close up process of ETN IOT Candy machine.