Need to check the app everytime to get my etn


hey guys,
is it normal that i have to open the app every hour to get my ~0,25 etn? when the miner is active while i sleep i just get this amount after 8 hours and not ~2 etn
i hope you know what i mean


I had that problem, but it seems to be fixed by keeping the app open at the forefront. Not sure if that is by design or not.


i have this problem since the massive update, before that it worked well :confused:


I am not making almost any ETN at the moment. Only like 0.10 a day. But I don’t need that to work necessarily, as I keep the app only to check the price and my ETN. But it should have been nice to work, nevertheless.


Both my wife and I have this problem. It’s running, but not ticking unless open on the screen. I’ve tried reinstalling, put in data and battery exemptions, but no dice.


Same issue here… Rather frustrating