Need help with remote node

Hello everyone,
I have my coins on cli. I always used cli with remote node method. But haven’t accessed my account in years, so im very far behind as far as the blockchain is concerned.
So i dont want to just run electroneumd because when i did im like 4000 days behind or something crazy.
So i want to do remote method to migrate my coins. Then im just going to use metamask.
I downloaded the latest release so im set there. And i saved it to desktop.
I have attached a picture of the commands i used in the past when i opened up a cmd window.
I know i need to change the top one to the correct folder.
But for the second one, what can i change it to that will work?
Someone please tell me exactly what to type please.

Not sure there will be many / any public nodes on the legacy blockchain any more. Most have moved over to the new Smartchain.

You will likely need to sync yourself…unless anyone can jump in if they know of one.

If someone on here downloaded the same version as me and did a full sync can they just send me the file and i can replace mine with the full blockchain one? The lmdb file

They could do an export yes, but dont ever take files from random people online… :sweat:

Also its Huge…so not easy to send.

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Ok your definitely right.

I’ve still got my remote node up and running. The commands you’ve got above are to connect to it.

Let me check on it as I haven’t looked at it in a while and make sure it’s all still good.

I am about to decommission it though so it won’t be around for much longer


That second line should still work.

It’ll sync your wallet in your desktop up with the remote node and then bridge your coins over to the new chain.

There might be a couple of other steps as it’s been a while since I did mine


Omg!!! Thankyou!!! I will do it by tomorrow!!!

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I started my wallet update. It connected perfectly.
It has been on this height for a little while now. Is that because it is migrating behind the scenes? If so will it automatically start syncing the rest after its done? Because i need it to sync the rest so i can enter commands because i need to find out what my spend key is.

I’ve just restarted the daemon to see if that helps

Thankyou. Im still at the same heigth and it wont let me type save or anything. Think its ok to just force close it and start again? Think my coins will disappear?

Ok i restarted the program. And it is currently sitting at the height in the picture. Im just going to wait a bit and see if it does anything.
Hopefully they migrated. But still need the spend key

But it got just a little further than last time

Im sorry to keep message bombing you. But i restarted again and this time it went to:

Just went a little more to: 1816824
So i think it will do it. So im not going to mess with it for a little while

I’ve tried updating my old wallet and that too is pretty slow. Not sure why as it’s been quite quick whenever I’ve done it previously over the years.

I’ve rebooted the server and the stats show it’s barely doing anything.

Maybe just leave it to update in its own time if it’s on option to leave your PC on??

Yes that is definitely a option to leave it on. I just got anxious and closed my cmd window to start over. And when i just tried again it didn’t do anything at all. So my first thought is screwed. But maybe because you restarted. I will try to reconnect in a few minutes and hopefully it starts again. If it does im just going to let it run and see what happens. Thank you for all your help

Its working again. Yes im just keeping it on this time

It finished syncing and worked perfectly!
Thank you my friend!

No problem, glad it’s all working.

If anyone else reading this is using the remote node, I will be shutting it down soon