Need help with Kucoin deposit from IPhone please


I need some help with a deposit into Kucoin? This is the steps I followed:

  • Logged into Kucoin, open deposit and change the coin to ETN, confimed it.
  • Open my ETN wallet on IPhone and open pay, open scan QQr code.
  • When I hold the scan block on IPhone over QR code in Kucoin nothing happen?



Copy your kucoin etn wallet address to your phone,
Maybe it work.
I do not have iphone. But i think the scanning is the issue in this case


Yeah, instead of using the QR copy your etn address and paste it to the address section in the etn app.


Thanks! How do i copy it to my IPhone? By typing in the whole address?


If you’re on a pc you can copy it manually or copy paste it, email it to yourself, open it on iphone and copy paste it to the app.


Hi Tika,

Sometimes camera does not pick up QR code on some screens, you can try turning your camera around a little over the QR code.

Also as Kurd.girl mentioned, Kucoin provides you with a written address and paymentid, you can carefully select each address, copy it, and of course paste it into mobile app.


Het Cuddlesquid! Thanks I will try that, thanks!