Need help with app

Im not going to get a yoti app account and start scanning my ID or passport to fill out all the information. Is there anything to get past that or do I have to qut the app. I will not take phots of my passort for the other app. O can not move foward. What os my solution

Cold storage is your only other option or keeping your coins on a exchange forever which I dont recommend, short term is Ok.

While mobile app requires KYC, command line interface (CLI) does not require KYC. Check out the guide below and a video by a community member.


Why don’t you want to use yoti? It securely stores your documents and does not sell any info to third parties. The information is secure and only yours. Yoti is a very trustworthy system used by many without issues.

Why are you not wanting to use it?

Kyc verification is required to use the app. All is very secure with nothing to worry about. It’s verifying your identity to ensure you are real and to allow you to use the services provided, welcome to the future…its starting. Yoti is a stand up company with a great outlook with us users information in mind.

Otherwise as stated above cli is a option. So is leaving them on a exchange although I do not recommend it.

Hesitation is normal these processes are new to most. The information is secure and trustworthy. Either you trust Electroneums system or you don’t and if you don’t you are not able to use the many services provided. Kyc is needed and is embraced by Electroneum. If you need any more information on yoti I can help direct you.

What are your main issues with this?

Hope this helps :zap:

We have all done it. Even my 70 year old mother…

No worries…


Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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