Need HELP from everyone! (Regarding KYC)

The ETN team, despite all the words that everyone can do KYC and we have solution for every problem, are now not responsible for any problems of Iranian users!
They know there is a strong community of ETN in Iran and they know we cannot pass level 2 of KYC through Yoti but still not responding any tickets!
KYC is coming in next 6 days and all of us get stuck in level 1.

Do you possess between €150 to €9999 of ETN, to confirm that you need level 2?

I dont think etn team will have a solution for the sanctions against iran, especially that majority of financial institutions are controlled by Iranian regime

Ill recommend you to keep your coin in #Liquid until kyc is solved.
They have coldstorage and the most safest exchange out there.
Do you have more than 150 euro? If not then you dont need level 2.

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Yoti has heaps of limitations stopping people from getting KYC compliant for L2/3. Lack of ID options and some phone compatibility issues for example.

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Yes, maybe I have to do this
I have more than 10,000€

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I Hope so they do this

Yes I do
More than 10,000€

I’m in Australia and was not able to get to Level 2 through Yoti.

In those circumstances you can upload your documents onto your “my Electroneum” account directly.

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Dear @Latroy,
How can I do this? Where I can upload ny docs?

Move your coins onto the liquid exchange BEFORE the deadline. Liquid is a very secure.

As @Redwan also states, coins are kept in cold storage and are very safe.

Sign into “my.electroneum”.
Go into “Settings”.
Select the “Your Profile” Tab.
On the Screen you should see a QR code.
Use the “Scan Code” option in Yoti to scan the QR code on your computer screen.

Once you have followed these steps, the option to submit docs should then appear in your profile.

These are the exact steps I followed to get to Level 2.

After your upload for Level 2 is approved, the option to submit docs for Level 3 will become available

You’re 100% right on that, I’ve been trying for just over 2 months to find a way to level 2 with no success as of yet. I’m in the U.S. and I am sure you’ve seem my post mentioning they won’t accept a state identification card that isn’t a drivers license. It’s a super common form of ID in all 50 states and anyone whom doesn’t drive uses.

I don’t mind waiting I am patient, but I really think the ETN team needs to say something on the vast amount of KYC issues that have been posted on the community and telegram. I know they’re working on a solution to help all people but not a single thing has been said since Richard saying that in the video, just a progress update to address those whom are stuck and concerned.

I am about to shift my ETN to Liquid until I’m able to do level 2.

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This actually doesn’t work unfortunately, the issue everyone is having is to get to the manual option is we need Yoti to accept our form of identification. If they don’t then we cannot get to the manual options.

What happens is once you do the basic Yoti which is the selfie, say 3 words and add your email to get recovery keys you’re prompted to upload the ID accepted by Yoti based on where you’re from. Since they don’t accept my form of ID this is what happens as soon as you scan the Yoti QR code in the Electroneum profile settings.


This is what you see upon scanning the code, thus no options to manually upload our forms of ID directly to Electroneum.

Again, I know they’re going to address it, but it’s been almost 2 months since that was stated and a lot of people would like to know the current progress of the solution that will work for everyone who’s stuck.

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Like I said in my previous post, Yoti did not accept my ID.

I contacted support and advised of the problem. Before I contacted support, I too was receiving the same alert as above.

Support instructed me to follow the steps noted in previous and then it worked advised.

Whether they have to manually active your account so that this occurs, I don’t know.

I was in touch with support 3 weeks straight and at first I was told my account was set to manually upload and I went to check and it wasn’t, so I mailed back and said that then pretty much got told to come to the community and my ticket closed with no resolution. I’ve read where some people did get to upload manually after contacting support, but I didn’t get that opportunity.

I’m just going to wait and see what options become available, time will tell.

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Dear Latroy, I have the same problem like @J5Alive
I cannot add my address manually. Also Yoti doesn’t accept my ID.
All of my tickets are closed too without any solution from the team.

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After you were advised of that, did you attempt to scan the QR code?

Yes I did and there was no change, I’ve followed everything perfectly and had the same outcome.