Need additional webhook callbacks

Calling the developer team,

It would appear that I can insert only one webhook callback URL per account at any given time. Is there a way for me to insert additional URLs for additional projects? I currently have the one webhook confirming transactions on, but need additional ones for other projects and to continue testing and developing the Woocommerce plugin. I suspect other people who run more than one e-commerce store would also want additional callbacks.

I would say the correct way would be to let each vendor outlet have its own callback URL. In this way, you’ll be able to manage them all easily in one location.

Heey @Rach i think This one is for you and the developer team :face_with_monocle:

Just checked again. Only one webhook per user account. There is space to enter a URL for each vendor, but that is only the URL of the website for information purposes, not the webhook callback URL.

Hi @benjaminoo!

This is correct, it hasn’t changed @Corentin although the Vendor area of the website has slightly been moved around since going live (it now has it’s own place on the navigation menu).

The paymentId is returned in the webhook, you can check for this and handle it differently (including forwarding the request) based on which transaction/brand it is relating to?

I will log the feature request, but as it is not a specific bug it will get reviewed toward the end of the BETA programme. We want to avoid one brand having multiple accounts, so I can assure you it will be looked into.

I hope that’s OK :slight_smile:


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True, one can check the payment ID and act accordingly, but that is only if you have all your e-commerce stores on one server and communicating to one database.

Multiple sites running on different servers will need multiple webhooks for sure.

Thanks for logging the request. And thanks for your support all around. Your support is fast and helpful…

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Are you familiar with Zapier? It might help you in the interim period: Specifically, it can “catch” hooks as triggers and you can then filter and execute various actions. Not sure how much/to what extent it is possible to use the filters as conditionals but you may well find a way around to achieve what you need.

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