Nearly got a Heart Attack


This thing gave me a heart attack. Something to do with Doge to ETN in cryptopia


if i would wake up to that i would be one very happy person @ee6dd2e1fc28398e7198 :yum:


its a sign to come for ETN


Hahahaha I would of needed my heart pumping too as well as a few clothing garments cleaned hahahha


Haha, that would have given me a heart attack as well. :smiley:


Even this wouldnt make me sell my coins!


i think people are so fixated on $1 that they would miss the fact that it would over time surpass that milestone and grow much larger !


this is not a mistake. A time traveler from January 2019 put that screenshot up.


One day we will wake up to this…06e0b85d2ffcb12fac92301f51bc2a16eee6fe88_1_281x500


Ahah yeah, That could kill a lot of people here. Of heart attack


now isn’t bad either :airplane::


Will we goto 2p before bedtime… Looking these are exciting times…

Isn’t it funny how a bunch of people around the world are excited about half a penny / cent rise when the rest of the planet seems to chuck them away on the floor hahahaha