NAUTICUS Exchange going Live with 7 fiat pairs including South African RAND


Good day guys! A highly regulated exchange, Nauticus just started deposits and are soon going Live with fiat pairs including USD, JPY, AUD, EUR, ZAR, HOND…

They are a member of the Australian version of the SEC, I believe this exchange will be good for etn considering the wide range of fiat pairs especially ZAR pair. They had a successful ico and have a good ecosystem in place, also has a cold wallet security system similar to Liquid exchange. Please consider this exchange, Our mission is mass adoption, what better way than to have access to a wide range of fiat pairs

The head of the project or the ico manager can email or fill form through link on title

@ETNCEO @chris.gorman


Sounds like a important place to get listed


I think if you edit your post and add @ETNCEO in the body, Richards Els would receive a notification about the post. Heck add all the ETN team forum members to it, someone will see it.


I agree with @B.F.A , this sounds like a great place to get listed for Electroneum especially since they’ve taken the regulated route. Let’s get this thread some attention from @ETNCEO @chris.gorman


Yeah good idea! Just did… I was part of nauticus ICO and they are truly revolutionary


Cool, doesn’t mean they will respond, but improves the chance they see it and look into it.


That’s true, but I honestly think even when they don’t necessarily respond I got a feeling they do read most threads and still look into whatever ideas and recommendations we make and even highly consider them if the team thinks they’re truly viable for Electroneum.


great match for ETN! @ETNCEO @chris.gorman


Very interesting thanks for sharing.


Nice , can’t wait … Looks like a good exchange