Nano's Blockbrain Payment System

Has anyone else seen Nano’s demonstration of their blockbrain mobile payment system?.. Exactly like Electroneum… QR code, blue/black layout, and tbh it was pretty fast from what I saw… ontop of that it looks like they have already integrated fingerprint identification.

Should we be worried?

I think nano could slightly modify it and they would be okay. Also ETN hasn’t secured the patent yet, from my understanding?

MasterCard , visa and American Express is essentially the same from a technical point of view (from a user’s view) but they target different audiences (MasterCard , Visa Vs Amex). Etn is no different.

I think NANO has better tech and they’ve been around since early 2016, its definitely a solid project but nothing to worry about.

The ETN team is extremely proactive, have steadily made advances and have really good contacts. The Mobile Stream deal, for example is much bigger than what the average investor believes. Go check out who Mobile Stream is, what they do and market penetration. And this is only the first deal.

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If nano been out since 2016 and barely getting to this step, electroneum is on a much faster pace to achieving the goals. We would be much further and lots more achieved in a 2 year span. Just my opinion.

I would be more worried about credits. They pulled off 1.2 million transactions in a second according to Sean Davis.

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yes but with NANo it has faster blockchain speed, compared to ETN, they may have the instant payment patent but it wont solve the problem of a congested blockchain in the future. Imagine ETN has a queue of 2 million transactions how long will that take to process. Credits might be the answer.

With 2 million users already I’m sure we are already handling that transaction volume

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Exactly I can’t wait for that :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

when u get into the hundreds of millions of users and hundreds of millions of transactions, with the current 2 minute block sizes i don’t think you will get close to 1000 transactions per block, but i could be wrong. if credits is doing 1.2 million transactions per second its worth a look.

I think Nano’s tech is different from what Electroneum provides through IPS … They have a blockchain that complete transactions so fast not a notification instant payment system like it is in Electroneum IPS

They have a great tech no doubt, but if we look at Mass Adoption I think Electroneum surpasses Nano easily. As Electroneum complete KYC/AML thing & making lots of deals with other companies alongside good marketing from the team that have a great experience already in that field, we have more advantage to reach Mass Adoption than Nano could

Also, I think that competition in crypto field is good.
Both tech in Electroneum & Nano are great. And as long as no one exceeds other’s patents, then we are all good :slight_smile:

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I think that great tech is’t all what it takes to conquer the market, certainly Nano does not have all necessarily tools to take the lead, because one factor it’s not enough as we all know :thinking:

What is more all other concurrency does’t want to go in inline with legal regulation and that is what will make them loose the battle, as they refuse to face reality that is - you can’t go around regulations.

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