Name corraction of account


I had an error registering my name in my account. I wrote my nickname in an account (Asif Abid).
When my original name is (Asif Imran) According to the national document.
When i send orginal document for kyc level 2 verification My Documents Are Refused Because my name are not match.
You guys okay I’m wrong I made a mistake writing the name in the account.
Kindly Correct my name (Asif Abid) to change (Asif Imran).
So that my document are accepted and verify my account.
I am very worried Plz solve my problem.
Thank u sir


the name correction is not allowed they told that last week


Name change on account may not be possible. You will have to open a support ticket to get assisted better. I was not able to find anything related to name changing on account in our Terms and Conditions.

Support Ticket:

If Support confirms they are unable to change name on account, I do not see a reason why you could not open another acocunt, as long as you completely retire your nick name mobile account.


You will have to take this up with the team

@Rachel can you help this gentleman … thankyou :grinning:


here they told that check it out


Whta i can do
My document name are not match tier1 to complate kyc lival 2


Sorry for that idont know . hopefully u solve that


Start again i guess… unless someone has a better idea


I was wondering about this the other day. What happens if you get married and have a legal name change?

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