Name changes on account

Names will not be changed on your account. You MUST check that you have put the right name. You should also check you are on the right Yoti account before you upload it.


Oh my. May the lord grant you patience. I’m sure the KYC /AML has had you working round the clock.

What about date of birth format you accept? Is it d/m/y or m/d/y? Because you already rejected my KYC doc for correct date of birth, may be format is the main reason. So, I resubmitted and this time m/d/y. Hope you accept my KYC doc this time. to verify and check Document: official site- or direct link -


Hi, it’s DD/MM/YYYY :blush:

So it means she has to discard that account and create new one because she used her nick name instead of official name. That’s really pathetic and disappointing.

She cannot verify she is the owner of that account because she has not put the proper name. It is made clear you MUST enter your first and last name; not a nickname of initials.

What about if she provides you the password, pin and pin recovery email.

That does not prove you own the account.

Ok what about if we provide the other ETN address to which we have sent ETN and also details of the ETN amount we have sent with dates, plus why the hack ONE would try to claim someone’S account if the total ETN coins in that account is less than 50 ETN.

That still isn’t sufficient evidence that they own the account.

Ok, then what can be used to prove that, it’s my account?

UK’s citizen card has the facility to change name.

What if someone creates an Electroneum account and verifies kyc using uk’s yoti citizen card. After that changes name in the citizen card (due to marriage or change of name deed). Wouldn’t you allow to change the name?

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I had an error registering my name in my account. I wrote my sirname in an account (Rahul giri ).
When my original name is (Rahul bharti) According to the national document.
When i send orginal document for kyc level 2 verification My Documents Are Refused Because my name are not match.
You guys okay I’m wrong I made a mistake writing the name in the account.
Kindly Correct my name (rahul giri) to change (Rahul bharti).
So that my document are accepted and verify my account.
I am very worried Plz solve my problem.
Thank u sir