Name 3 things to help the price


Name three things that you think that need to be done for the ETN price to go up.

  1. Pay money get listed on coinbase… plz god do this plz. We need a stable coin pairing. Plus the attention will help.
  2. Increase the rate of mining maybe 10 coins a day?
  3. Air drop 1000 coins monthly for keeping faith . Holdind ETN is painfully and feels like holding hot coals.
    Extra credit.
  4. Get off facebook, Get on tv and website advertising… … …


I’m going to have to disagree with you on all points.
1 While being on coinbase would be convenient for some, it is not a good way to spend limited money if the goal actually is mass adoption.
2 Mining rate increase means more dumped coins and thus a lower price
3 same as 2.
4 ETN has only done word of mouth advertising because the product is getting in order. Wasting money on expensive ads before the ecosystem is fully in place is not a good way to spend money.

Be patient. Good things are coming.


  1. translate app and website to aditional 10-20 languages
  2. Decrease the mining reward for ASIC now they get 8000 coins every 120 sec means about 40 milions of coins weekly and mobile miner get only 10 milions… we can have for asic 25-35 milions weekly so 33% decrease ming reward maybe can help
  3. start of partnerships + marketing if everything is READY
    Agree with UncleDen than giving more for free when we havent big retailer will mean dumping…

  1. Penalize empty blocks
  2. Launch of partnership
  3. Gig-economy once growing

  1. Investment groups buying coins
  2. Partners active and/or buying coins
  3. Influencers promoting ETN
  4. Marketing (when ecosystem ready)


2.More users.
3.100 million users.

Whats the point in pumping a trade volume?
It doesnt increase the market cap.

Its a Business in its infancy.
Theres a very well planned method to what some refer to as madness.

We’re blessed with the biggest and most devoted community in crypto.
(Aside from bitcoin I believe)
Word of mouth is everything at this stage.


  1. Build it like a firm, in steps
  2. Patience
  3. Patience

  1. Users
  2. 100m users
  3. 200m users

  1. Trust the team
  2. Believe in the team
  3. Trust the team
    Seriously though. I truly believe my investment is in expert hands. They have a wealth of experience and connections. Only they know exactly what their plan/deals are so only they can judge the appropriate actions. We have to remember, they have huge vested interest in seeing ETN succeed. Even more so than we may, individually.


@Crypto_guy I’m with you on the Coinbase listing, or even a Bittrex or Kraken listing would be just as phenomenal!! I’m a true believer in the project, and I have faith in the Electroneum Team, but I have to admit it is such a pain in the AZZZZZ having to go through multiple exhanges to acquire ETN here in the U.S. I’ve been doing my best to spread the word about our wonderful ETN with family, friends, co-workers and just about anybody that comes across my way. However, no matter how much I emphasize all the great things about the project, the vast majority of them get turned off with the idea of utilizing foreign exchanges. Having ETN listed on U.S.-based exhange, I feel, would do wonders (for this part of the planet at least!!) :grinning: