Naga beau fan club!


@NagaBeau we love you :heart_eyes:

he has great price predictions.


Price on 1st november



The tooth fairy told me last night it was gonna be $10 by tomorrow :rofl:


I love his videos but like the majority of people I take no notice of his crazy price predictions.
The guys hilarious. He should do comedy club :clown_face:


Guys, its all a bit of fun, but please make sure if you are discussing these kinds of videos that you make it clear to any newer, inexperienced users reading that these videos are more for entertainment than anything.


Peace, love and many many blessings :sunglasses:


Naga Beauuuuuuutiful


@NagaBeau when are you going to interview @ETNCEO ?


please don’t be so condescending about those snowflakes . thanks you. we live on planet earth.


13 dollar. The 25 cent got burnt. :slight_smile:


I like him, he’s hilarious, but this bs is too much.


Naga magicccccccccccc


he smokes way to much of the magical grass.


Think he’s been on the magic mushrooms more like :rofl:


ETN got his nuts! what more do you want!?? hahaha :smiley: