Naga beau fan club!

@NagaBeau we love you :heart_eyes:

he has great price predictions.


Price on 1st november


The tooth fairy told me last night it was gonna be $10 by tomorrow :rofl:


I love his videos but like the majority of people I take no notice of his crazy price predictions.
The guys hilarious. He should do comedy club :clown_face:


Peace, love and many many blessings :sunglasses:

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please donโ€™t be so condescending about those snowflakes . thanks you. we live on planet earth.

13 dollar. The 25 cent got burnt. :slight_smile:

I like him, heโ€™s hilarious, but this bs is too much.

Naga magicccccccccccc

he smokes way to much of the magical grass.

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Think heโ€™s been on the magic mushrooms more like :rofl:

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ETN got his nuts! what more do you want!?? hahaha :smiley:

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