My vision upon etn & reality

Spending some time on this forum, i saw a lot of different type of people and their vision towards crypto and etn, our subject.
You have to understand that etn is not a daily basic crypto, it is something special, something nobody ever tought was possible, a coin designed to be used in real life, a coin that have a porpouse, to help the “underdevelopment” countries, yes the unbanked, bet no1 cares what richard was talking in the series of videos 1 month ago.
Please understand, if you want to become a billionaire having 100k etn saved, this is the wrong project for you. There is however no coin that make you rich like the mushrooms after the rain.
Theres a ‘why’ of everything happening right now, you have to see over the wall, i’d like to have a big price, i’d like to be on big exchanges but thats impossible right now, even if you do it, you only gonna burn yourself.
Patience is the key.
Dont hide your frustration by typing HOLD, it doesen’t work like that. Do it if you can/afford to do it. I’m frustrated aswell, but i understood why some things can’t come as fast as expected. Just think about. My dream is to have etn around 0.7-0.8 £ to be able to buy a house abroud, yes im not an english man but living in the uk, for that porpouse, to have a house and a better life in my country. In the end everybody have it hopes/dreams, thats why we invested in etn.
All we need is patience and brand new people to the crypto, they are the ones who will change the charts for etn, not the current investors or holders who are fudders, yes, fudders. They are right but wrong at the same time.
I saw a lot of hate threads over the communities, the problem is they dont have any idea why some changes had to be done.
Just spread the word, bring in new people and …hold.

We will rise like the phoenixIMG_20180708_181311_230


A very motivational post well said I think its important we be patient and not focus too much on the price right now, I think most of us got into ETN yes to hopefully make some money but also because we believe in the projects end goal itself and we aren’t there yet so all we can do is wait and support and try and help the ETN team spread the word, thats mostly how we have grown through word of mouth so I agree this will help alot.

But providing constructive criticism is also important when needed I think we need to embrace that and not shout FUD the moment someone says anything bad about ETN we all want it to succeed and for that to happen we have to look at our week points and try and improve those also.


I really like that picture @Plankton_ETN :grinning: and the only thing i can say @LordSF95 ETN can fall and pushed down but like chris said we will keep rising like a Phoenix and get back up stronger and aim for beyond the moon :new_moon_with_face: :rocket:


That is a great pic and realistic imo for many alt coins going through their up’s and downs. Being involved from I.C.O. stage with ETN I have watched the price go up and down a lot. That’s okay. If you are going to invest in any coin especially a newer one you have to be prepared for the up’s and down’s that come with it. if you are not then maybe investing should be left to others. I am convinced ETN is on the right path and by end of year will be in top 35 listings for all coins.

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The top 35 would be great for Electroneum hopefully it Will make it and if not This year then Maybe next year it Will because then the marleting Will start :grinning:


How much of ETN do you think one should have now to become a millionaire ?

So it looks 1M of ETN is minimum if one want to see at least 1.000.000$ in the future :thinking: So I recon you must have a lot of the coin knowing the reality :smiley:

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A millionaire might be possible but a billionair Well Maybe if price gets super high or if you are drowning in ETN :yum: but Nothing is inpossible ofcourse So we Will see what happens in the future :wink:

Imo you can be a billionaire even with 10k etns, depends how the waters move.
Right now and in the next 2-3 years will not happen definitely.
We need a lot of people into etn to see its value growing, nowdays we are stucked between 0.005-0.01.
As i said, patience is the key.

Nice post full of good analysis and amazing photo behind. Phoenix I like it. :slight_smile:

Nice Phoenix. Who made it ?

No idea , someone on telegram . Brilliant isn’t it

Do not know who but do know how, Photoshop layers that is all, simple job if you know how to :smiley:

The point is to have right amount to take benefit of investment rather sooner than later and leave some amount for distant future also, it is all about strategy or logistic if you will :smiley:

Everything is cheap in a Developing world so 100k can make someone a millionaire here :wink:

So true, everyone should invest according to personal circumstances.

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Well @M-Kid our highest point already was at 0,20 cents and there was no product out yet when we hit that now they will have a lot of products out this month and marketing next year then who knows what we will reach this year and or next year it’s Even possible to reach above that mark then :thinking:

I wish I could afford to invest that sort of the money, well a 100.000$ investment now may give you 2.000.000$ in near future when ETN hit 10 cents, and that is very realistic calculation, but one must have at least 100.000$ now in ETN :smiley:.

Personally I would be happy if I hit 1M of ETN :grin:

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Hmm Maybe but i think that bitcoin dominance might fall soon again and bring altcoins back up maybe slow maybe fast i don’t know what the future holds but i will stay positive and we will see what ETN reaches in the near future :sunglasses: