My take on why the price is so low

Crypto prices is driven by hype and a lot of people that really believe in etn have already saturated their fiat. There is a long period with no new partnership/development to drive hype (as etn team work in the background) and therefore no new investors into etn. As there are 9millions etn emitted per day (mostly from asic which need to sell instantly to recoup energy cost) it is difficult to see how the market can support the price when the volume is little over 200k usd. However, when new news and marketing arrive we should see a rapid growth as this will swing the other way very quickly.

With the extra exchanges, we could see quite a sharp rise when people realise the true value of this project and its impact on the globe’s economical future…

The price jumped quickly on Cryptopia alone.

once fully live with a real world use and solving a problem there will naturally be a demand.