My Strategy to Play with ETN for rest of my life

Here is my strategy that I am planning to deal with ETN for rest of my life. I am a strong believer of ETN right from ICO. Got a good amount of ETN and I have increased it by multi folds during this downtrend. I am happy with the total ETN I have, but never contended. Hoping to buy more.

I sold my only car to buy ETN. (not a lambo as one of the whales did :-). Mine was a my family sedan.) I have been taking Uber and mostly public transportation to save to invest in ETN.

  1. When ETN hits 1 USD - I will buy a car by selling a small fraction of my ETN. I dont care when. I am happy to take public transportation until then.

  2. When ETN hits 7 USD (anywhere between $5 to $10) - I will resign my 12 hour job and live with ETN (need to work out a strategy on this).I am currently sitting on a well paid software career. My hopes are high that Electroneum will help me retire from being an employee in my thirties.

  3. I will buy a mansion / house of my dream (have been eyeing a mansion for the past 2 years.) when ETN hits $100. I am ready to wait until then. I will use a small fraction to buy one.

  4. I have already gifted handful of ETN each to my mom and dad (they are old, so paper wallet for them, they even find it tough to operate their smart phone), my brother (who is already in to ETN because of me) and my close ones with one promise that they should hold ETN for at least 5 years.

  5. Sit back and relax and enjoy my life with ETN. Of all these being retired from 12 hour job would be my biggest happiness and is priceless.

  6. I will utilize 50% of my ETN for my living and to play. Another 25 % will go for charity and pass on the rest for my generations to come. Remember 0.01 ETN will be huge by then :slight_smile:

This is my strategy on ETN. I am sure many of you would have a different and better strategy. Would love to hear from you all… Thank you !!

I will buy a mansion with you when etn is 100 dollars


I will be mentioned in the Quote 500 when ETN hits around a few hundred bucks :joy:


Great strategy! Reminds me to refine mine. I aim to cash out a tiny little somewhere between $1-$5 (which I believe could happen really quickly). Then never cash out again. Just wait until it’s mass adopted and is accepted everywhere I go.


My strategy is to quit my job tomorrow, make a big bucket of popcorn, and watch the crypto market and the price of ETN nonstop until they foreclose on my house or ETN hits $1. It will be an epic race against time.


Stylin it up in my designer ETN crypto pyjamas.
Specifcally designed for the prone investor.
I dont know that Id change too much.
Definitely put my daughter through alternative medicine at university so she can follow her dream.


I’m going to invest my money as a whale in other projects and become a Billionaire.


You all are right, i trust in ETN too. But what, if ETN lose all his appeal and desappear from scenes? You lose your car, your job, your house and so? Never buy without money. Must buy what we can lose… But yours must be a good plan. Hope we all can reach some target with ETN