My strategie to get etn


Hi all…

Just a thought for those that runs asic miner.
I run 1 baikal giant N plus that does 40000 hash and brings me arround 40 coins per day.
To increase that ammount, i went to and check what coin has a better earning vallue.
Like Dero gives me arround $1.17 per day and electroneum $1.03 , so i mine the highest rated coin, and exchange that to etn .
This is a nice way for me to play arround with my miner, otherwise it just runs and thats a bit boring…lol


ps cryptunit is special for cryptonight coins.


Only 40 coins a day?


Yeah, that ASIC isn’t very powerfull. But it only costs $250 The Antminer X3 does 220kh/s +/- but costs $1300


How much does the latest Antminer give you per day approx?


did you take into account the trading fees too when you change other coins to ETN?