My silver Electroneum coin


What I was hoping for was for Richard to give these to the CEO’s of the monster deals companies and do a photo op shaking their hand and handing them the coin. That’s my recommendation, it would make a nice publicity photo.

I’ve got #34 what number do you have?

Before you all start telling me how it is overpriced, I know it is (I have many silver coins from the Royal Canadian mint and Native American Mint) but there is charity involved and it was a startup.
I was going to get it no matter what it cost me so lets not make this thread into bashing the real coin company because you are free to spend your money elsewhere. I’m not going to go on some sports forum and talk trash at someone paying thousands of dollars for a sports jersey that was worn by some pro athlete so lets keep this thread positive.

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We’re Proud To Support charity: water

We are giving 10% of every coin purchase to charity: water to support their mission of improving health, boosting local economies, empowering women, and giving kids more time in school.

ETN Silver coin, finally
My ETN Coins Arrived!

Thats a nice Idea @Aironeous maybe it would be something for @ETNCEO to think about :grinning: I would like to get the collectors coin but i keep spending all my money on getting Electroneum everytime :roll_eyes: where can we see how many coins there are left since they will only ever give out 5000?

Physical Electroneum ETN Crypto Coins

I had an idea at one time to have a coin or two made with the address to a paper wallets etched into the coins or something like that… Your coin looks beautiful.


I have a CNC degree so I plan at some point to get a laser cutter or CNC in my retirement. I might laser cut a QR code wallet address into a coin in the future. Maybe pass it down to the next generation.