My phone stopped. He wants YOTI. Why?


My web profile also requires it! What is happening ?
I have passed 1 level of verification.
Apart from using 3 phones at 1 IP … But this is not a violation!


1 phone per person…as outlined in the terms of use you signed:


You can’t mine from 3 phones on one account. That’s against the rules.


Yoti is mandatory now friend.


The accounts are 3. My, my wife and my son.


Three emails, three people. All past level 1 verification


…and you have only mined with your account. Not transferred any purchased coins into it or anything?


They transfer my ETN to me because I’m only listed on the stock exchange.


Well then you probably went over the $150 in the last 3 months, receiving, holding and sending…hence needing Level 2.

Either that or the suspicious way you have set that up…made the system think you own all 3 accounts.


It is impossible ! Three phones make 300 ETH per month. Even less!


What is the solution? Will anyone have to give up on ETN? We are your fans …! We advertise it among friends and acquaintances …


My wife has had to do it . She has 95 mining and 5 balance …

So she has done it…


Where dobyou live? In some countries level 2/3 are required.


Bulgaria . Part of the European Union


We are very disappointed! Probably all three will stop ETN!


You should keep going. This is only the beginning. Always best to be in on a project like this from the beginning. Just work thru your issues. :slight_smile:


There is no way this can happen. I’m a retired security service and no problem. But they are currently working and can not be fully verified. That’s why we went all level 1. We were fun together. We even have a game between us. But in that situation, we will be heading somewhere else. Sorry. For almost a year, we loved ETH …! Making 3 dollars was not so important to us!


you will be bothered if that 3 dollars becomes 300 …

never give up you never know what is around the corner