My Personal ETN Story

I got into Crypto around January 2018, I started playing with small amounts and looking into mining aswell. Due to looking to learn about mining I discovered Electroneum which back then was a mineable POW coin and even started mining some from my PC. I managed to get some friends and family to purchase small amounts of ETN and they still hold it till this day, they also ‘mined’ on their phones once this was enabled. Back then I bought ETN at around 300 sats and sats is still the only price I look at ETN in, as being down in sats up up in USDT means I might aswell just as held BTC instead. With hindsight I know that whilst I got into crypto at a good time (the earlier the better) but it was the WRONG time to be looking to invest in crypto and hence the bear market that lasted until early 2019. By this time I has sold almost every bit of crypto I had except for a small amount of ETN that I had decided to basically HODL til death or mega moon. I still regularly checked the price of BTC, ETN and a few other alts I followed but kept all my money in fiat but did not reinvest.

Having seen the mega crash caused by COVID in March 2020, I wondered what I would have felt like if I’d been holding crypto and if I would have panic sold it all at a massive loss, with such uncertain times for the economy of the world having never been faced with anything like this, who knew exactly how things would bounce back so bullishly in such little time?

So throughout BTC’s run to $19k I have been watching the price of ETN drop lower & lower, I missed out on buying ETN for around 28-30 sats in April 2020 and then watching it rise to over 100 sats and regain the 1 cent ICO price, I thought then my chance of buying ETN that low was now gone forever.

So I carried on watching the price, it dropped to 90 sats, 80 sats, 70, 60 before holding steady around 45 sats for a few weeks, but then as soon as BTC started its parabolic rise onces more ETN fell back to the mid 20 sats price I thought I’d never see again, I couldn’t miss this opportunity again.

So in just 3 months by February 2021 I will have been following the Electroneum project for 3 years.
I now own 10x the amount of ETN I have ever owned. I have purchased ETN at 300 sats and I have purchased much more ETN at 23 sats that I could have ever dreamed of back in early 2018.

So my outlook now is if 18 sats is to be the all time low for ETN, I can say I almost bought the bottom, if it goes lower then I will keep buying it. There is only so long this price can be supressed before there is no other option but to pull a moon-shot never witnessed in crypto before.

In summary, I happily bought ETN at 300 sats back in 2018. This was before the mobile miner had even launched, before AnyTask and ETN everywhere even existed or were even dreamed of. Back when the best exchange to buy ETN was Cryptopia (RIP) back before there was even 1 million ETN users.

Electroneum 3 years on is in a much better, stronger position than ever before. They are getting all their ducks in a row to get listed on US exchanges, they will keep knocking on Binance’s door, their regulated status will help in getting PayPal to accept ETN when PayPal roll their new crypto payment service out.

If someone told me back in early 2018, don’t buy ETN now as I would be able to buy 10 times as much in sats in November 2020, I would have waited.

So what are you waiting for?

No time like the present good write up thank you.


Crypto in general is so manipulated and so corrupted. When a project comes along that isn’t like that it seems that no one knows what to do with it…I don’t know that any one can really explain the low price unless there is some kind of agenda out there to do harm to the project. How much harm did the cryptopia hack do to the trade of ETN. A lot it seems. Why hasn’t binance listed this project when so many other lesser projects are listed…There seems to be an agenda in crypto. The last thing the people want is for ETN to succeed when it’s so honest and untouchable/incorruptible. Just keep plugging away, the time is coming soon for ETN. In the end the people will decide not the ones who manipulate the exchanges and prices of the big projects.


Very well said, my friend. And great write up, @DeanETN. I also bought ETN from late 2017 until April 2020. Price is relative because some are angry its so slow for so long while I am happy because I got to purchase for so cheap! Patience is my strong trait. What isn’t changing is the direction this project is heading towards, mass adoption.

I’ve struggle to find any project coming close to having the infrastructure ETN has for mass adoption. Fundamentally, almost every other project is made to be speculated on, that is their only use. But ETN solves a real world problem and that is a game-changer! Cheers :innocent:


I was just looking at the top 200 coins and there are huge gains on a lot of alts like 2017. What i see happening is the same people who hold the coins buying more of the same and driving the price up again like in 2017. ETN is getting real word adoption and that only seems to be slow in terms of price but will pay off in the long term. When the same people start pouring money into the same coins sure the price will surge up again and then hit anther peak and then crash again because there is no actual adoption. The projects who get people to use it will win in the end so it’s all good. Many of ETNs new users can’t get onto exchanges etc. The growth may seem slow at first but it will end up being the runaway train.

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