My opinion - Not financial advice but I'm still excited

I see 130,592 active cloud miners!!! This is exciting. The Unlimited partnership is going to really do things for the ETN community- it’s a major thing to spend your ETN on. It’s a machine that burns the gassoline that is ETN. It’s important and it’s great to have. =)

I think that a lot of people are leaving because the miner is no where near 3 dollars a month, but even with 1.5 cents a day the extend button is worth it to me.

This isn’t really just a currency, it’s also a stock. You may believe that a stock is less valuable than a currency, but it’s worth more than a currency if you value all the potential here that your government’s legal tender does’t have.

There’s potential for BTC, ETH, ETN, and so many other Cryptos to be the real sources of value.

Just think about the US Dollar- it’s not using a gold standard and it’s government has a national debt that is in the trillions…

Cryptos can be the international currency and they can soar in value much more than even 2017-2018’s highest points.

ETN is the currency of the electroneum platform.
It is not a stock imo, you could invest in electroneum ltd. Or the parent company. If it were ever an option I’d get some. Like with Tron, investing in the company would be better than buying TRX. As the company behind the technology is more valuable than its currency.


What sim card are you using?
I need to know…its important.

Yes ETN is a “company” (indirectly, relies on Electroneums vision, actions and results), a currency and an emerging economy. Finding a market price that reflects all of this will be interesting. Sometimes the market doesn’t price well or is manipulated. Overwhelming demand will hopefully overcome all that.

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I use t mobile.
I have a Mi Mix 2 by Huawei edit: I’m dumb, xiaomi.
I live in the United States

Why do you need to know? im curious. :slight_smile:

Um, Xiaomi make that phone. :thinking:

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Thanks, I thought you were In SA.

How goes the quest for knowledge pahini? :slight_smile:

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No answers.
All Im getting is questions.!!