My mobile miner is getting 0.01 ETN per hour . Someone help please

my mobile miner is earning 0.01 ETN per hour . someone please help me
how to resolve this ?

You must have broke the terms and conditions.
You can still take a support ticket and see what happens.
But if you are guilty then there is no chance of getting it fixed.

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Your earnings are limited as per our terms and conditions (Section 17 as suspicious mobile mining activity has been detected on your account by our algorithm.

I’m sorry that we cannot give details as this would expose how our system works.

This is permanent and the restriction cannot be taken off.


Rachel ETN

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image Here is my statistic and I have 150 referals… Mining nonstop from 6 APRIL and collected total of 1536 coins,

That would suck if Rachel is right man, but then again if you abused it then you deserve to lose it. Thats the way she goes. But if you dont think you did, try unistalling and re-installing the app maybe that would help.

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Deleted as I replied to someone twisting yet post has vaished lol oh well sooo long lol

Mine is getting 0.5etn per hour, what phone r you mining on ?

And you which one you have? I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global - 4Gbram and strong processor but still have abou 30 hash per second and as you see above i have 150 referals and still couldnt make more than 0,33 etn per hour for the last month… At our Facebook group someone say that maybe they have boosted in some coutries only… Because people on west dont need free crypto :smiley: they can easily buy them… They can use our mobile numbers for differencing the boost…