My miner hasn't crashed since Tuesday


For the first time my miner has not crashed for days. I never was able to mine through the night but it hasnt stopped since Tuesday. :+1:


Congratulations :slight_smile: I have still some connection problems… But I use only Edge bcs have only 400mb data limit per month


Sorry. I thought everyone might be experiencing a smooth ride.


Mine has been going well since Tuesday too - the reward seems higher than recently too :slight_smile:


Yes. I think its because there are less people mining right now. It isnt paying out at 10 ETN tho.


No issues with mine either


And I forgot I have over 20 coins so I am in accumulating process… But its a little bit faster… :slight_smile:


it seems to be quicker and alot smoother! There are less miners, but I do wonder if the trialled areas are included into the “miner users”… does anyone know?


Nope - mine is just shy of 13 at the moment


Mine is at 17 but hasnt payedout yet. It still says the payout is 10 ETN.


Anyone else seeing the pending balance not updating? Mine has been stuck at 11.97 ETN since about 11am GMT today. I tried a reboot of the phone and miner status is active, the ‘hash rate’ updates but the pending balance seems to remain static?


I noticed the same thing as you and see several on Telegram have mentioned this as well. My pending is stuck at 11.73 and not budged in the since around 10:30 - 11:00 am EST.


New ETN app update everyone to let you know.


Is yours increasing the pending balance post upgrade? I ran the update and rebooted the app but its still not increasing.


I’ve been stuck at 12.5 ETN all day and even after the app update it’s still stuck. :slightly_frowning_face:


7.61, even after upgrade and more than an hour of mining.


Same here. Looks like a bug.