My Milo Wallet Testing

now i finally get an update from Milo Wallet on my support ticket. I have a feeling they are locked out of their wallet haha. It makes sense that they got frozen for money laundering actually if lots of people send coins to their wallet. I also notice that the wallet address I used to send my test coins hasn’t been migrated so they didn’t log onto it, possibly they can’t because its locked…?

Reply byManan Sharma»about 10 hours ago


We are still fixing trying to fix it with ETN and I have your name on the highest priority. Please allow us some more time to resolve it.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank You

Team Milo Global


This continues to drag on. They made me sign up for their new exchange which I did, then they told me I had to complete kyc which I have done. There is no requirement for kyc for small amounts of withdrawals so I shouldn’t need to do that. I really don’t trust them with my personal information . As soon as they return my coins I will delete my account and never deal with this company ever again. That’s if they return the coins - despite many promises and excuses I am still waiting months later.


oh my god so today they tell me I have to send them a utility bill. The kyc was completed as requested and i sent my lease as proof of address. Its clear they will never send those coins back. I am closing the open ticket and deleting my exchange account. Make sure you never use this company people.

Footnote there is no place on the exchange website to delete your account. hahahahahahha

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