My Milo Wallet Testing

Hey guys I have been monitoring progress on the Milo Global wallet. I noticed an app update a couple of days ago and I was just able to add my debit card to the app to purchase in app which means this app is looking like a gateway to buy ETN and the Milo app is going to potentially huge asset to ETN. It looks like they will provide in app ETN purchases via debit card!!!

I have submitted the details of the card and await approval now. Once i hear its approved I will test the in app features for purchasing ETN. It does look like a ton of features are coming to this and are slowly being implemented. They have something built in to buy air time as well but I am not sure how that all fits together yet. I am guessing the silence from the company means they are not ready to announce things officially yet…

I sent another transaction to the wallet that is completed on the blockchain but not yet into the Milo wallet. I think I remember last time it took a day or so to show up. Not sure why the process wouldn’t be automatic but will keep everyone posted on how long it takes to show up.

10 Likes So this is interesting. On the website (which has been updated since last I looked) there is no mention of Electroneum. Before the update ETN was mentioned. In the app itself when you install it there is a prepaid card that is coming soon and the blurb on the page says Milo Wallet by ETN. I suspect they are slowly putting this all together but I am not sure why the app is already out with ETN name on it but nothing on the website and several features not ready. Surely the wallet is legit since it has to be vetted by Android and IOS. I think there will be some interesting developments coming soon with this.


Until Richard Ells says the Milo Wallet is an official partner, I will remain skeptical. I could be way off but there is something about that website that raises red flags for me. I also was very unimpressed with the app’s creator when he was interviewed in the last year. Just be careful with sharing any information with third parties until they are verified as legit.


You would think the Electroneum legal team would be all over something that was an app claiming to be powered by ETN if it wasn’t legit? Who knows - it’s just interesting to see that something like this is in development. I Have been playing around with it to let others know what it is so they don’t have to.


yeah that’s true . I guess we all use money for various things good and bad too lol. As long as the public isn’t misled and the product is legit it’s all good I guess. I think the fact the app is on line there has to be some checking. If it was a s cam they would be shut down pretty quick. It’s one to keep an eye on anyway. Its clearly a work in progress.


Hey just an update on that Milo Wallet that uses ETN. I sent some coins over to the wallet to the ETN address in the wallet. Transaction completed on the blockchain and within the app the deposit is still pending after a week. I had a small amount i put in several months ago and tried to withdraw them and same thing transaction pending after a week. Opened up a support ticket - no response. I see many comments in the app review that say the same thing. It seems that no one is actually administering this app. I reported it to google as a fraud. I see a few enthusiastic ETN people posted reviews on the app but clearly did so having not tested it. Stay away from this one. I suspect I lost my coins but its a small amount so no big deal. I got interested again because an update to the wallet was posted but it looks like a honey trap to me with no on actually doing anything once they get people signed up and putting money into it.


Thank you for the update. This was my concern from the onset.


Dino from Digitspin seems to be in regular contact with the Milo guy, but I haven’t paid much attention to any updates about the project.

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I tried to post a comment about it on his utube video and it was deleted haha that guy has zero credibility.

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Dino has zero credibility? Is that a joke? Outside of Plank, he has the most credibility in the ETN community literally being the only youtuber covering ETN through the years of FUD.

I know Dino. And let me tell you, he would never delete comments. If your comment got deleted, it was deleted by youtube for using whatever they deem inappropriate.

Let me ask you this. Is it more likely Dino, who welcomes open constructive chat every day in his TG group and on air for all his shows, deleted a question about a company he is neither paid by nor affiliated with? Or (I know this might be hard for some to believe) is it possible youtube, the censor king of the interwebs auto deleted a comment?

Think long and hard on that one.

With all that out of the way, you are more than welcome to join his TG chat to ask your question. Believe me, there have been many about Milo and Dino has gone out of the way to try and get answers from the company’s leadership team. He has shown frustration with them as much as anyone. The truth is, Milo put out a half-butt app and got in over their head and are not able to handle the load. I’d probably steer clear of it until they answer for themselves.

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All I know is this app is a failure. The coins haven’t showed up in the account. Many people have conplained about it. There is zero tech support response. The fact that he endorses this app is not credible. If the app was so great none of us would have had any problems with it. So take a pill . I have seen his videos and how he presents. I can’t think of a worse endorser of etn. You even admit the app is useless but still defend the guy who endorses it. You should think long and hard about that. Also, I would never have known about this app if this so called stand up guy hadn’t raved about it. I am happy for you if you think he is so great, I don’t.

I believe your definition of endorsement might be flawed. But hey, you are entitled to your opinion.

Dino is as stand up as anyone I’ve met and he does not speak for Milo. No, I personally do not use Milo. I tested it twice and made my own judgment call that I personally did not like it because transaction times take forever. Package that with all the complaints and yes, I steer clear. But let’s make sure one thing is clear. Dino does NOT endorse Milo. He uses them and has stated it as being an option. He’s stated that if you do use it, it’s best to buy and transfer and to not hold the coins on the wallet for long. What Milo does has nothing to do with Dino or whatever endorsement you perceive him to have. LOL, endorsement…really? Have you ever watched youtubers talk about things? You think every youtuber that talks about something endorses whatever they are talking about? C’mon man.

Anyway. I’m done here. Say whatever non-sense you like. But before you attack one of the most credible ETN supports that give up their time to create content for ETN through years of FUD for absolutely free, I’d like to ask what your channel is and what exactly you do for the community. But I already know the answer to that.


Well perhaps when he did the video he thought it was great but it has transpired that it isn’t great so maybe its a good idea to remove the endorsement until such time as the project is worthy of such high praise. It sounds like you know him very well so I bet you could make that happen!!!

The app dev just responded to my comment on google play and asked me to submit another ticket. Not sure why the one I already opened or the email I sent from their website didn’t count but I have logged another call and wait to see what happens next. Seems like a one man show LoL.

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Hope you get it sorted asap

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got a response from someone in support telling me that due to a technical error the deposit of ETN to my milo wallet can’t take place and I should wait until they finish integrating the wallet into some new exchange… no time frame on when that might happen…so the transaction just shows pending forever I guess…I requested the coins be sent back but am not holding my breath. Sounds more and more like this is something to just forget about. At least we know now to avoid it anyway in case anyone asks in the future. Basically they have an app that doesn’t work but if someone takes a chance they will likely lose their coins…


Thanks @Mulder this is good information for the community !!



Now my incoming ETN deposit is no longer pending, its been cancelled and I have had no response to my request to have the coins sent back haha. I noticed that in the app store the dev suddenly responded to a bunch of people’s comments who were complaining. I wonder if that happened as a result of me reporting them to google. Either way if I don’t see my coins returned soon I will continue to hassle google about the app. Let’s see what happens next couple of days.


Got another support email last night saying they are going to send the coins back but the network is down. Lets see if they do it. I already uninstalled the app - they have my address if they send the coins back great, if not such is life. Either way its pretty clear its a company to avoid for now.


Just checking on my Milo support ticket - no responses and no returned coins. I see on the app review some guy claims to have sent 200k etn to the wallet 4 months ago and his coins are gone and his requests unanswered…damn…Glad I didn’t send many…

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