My level 2 documents got rejected


I hope there is someone in the ETN team who understands the problem here.
I previously explained why most of us (in Bangladesh) dont hold a Tax no. and why we are not required to pay it.(as there is a earning limit). Only the capable pay tax.
I also explained that most of the youth here dont have jobs to begin with ( because we are lazy? No, because of over population and less jobs available).
You cant expect a person to pay tax if he is unemployed or earns under the goverment required limit. How would someone pay tax if that person doesnt even earn or earns enough to go by.( Our government understands that).

After rejecting my NID it asks for Bank statement , electric bill and etc.
Let me introduce this side of Asia.
Asia is over populated and our culture and less land makes us stick together as a joint family.
When you live in a joint family ,someone from your family pays utility and other bills, mostly this is our fathers or grand fathers ( its a culture).
I have no Bank statement as I never needed a bank account to begin with. *we dont use plastics, we use cash.
You called us the unbanked right?

Thanks for rejecting my documents. I understand the team is busy but waiting 2 days and seeing I have been rejected is 2 days deducted from my life. I wana do my kyc smoothly and move on to other worldly stuff.

I love Electroneum and the team behind it. I have no doubt on its future. But this kyc for us is being a little struggle. I have no problems with Kyc.


remember this is a soft release - I’m sure they’ll sort this out. They have to. ETN is about the un-banked and as someone who is Level3 accepted I want to see the unbanked able to use ETN. A clearly explained path for the unbanked to use ETN would be helpful.


do you have a mobile phone bill/contract?


Yup, definitely keep in mind it’s still just the soft-release of KYC.

Also, once they get teams on the ground, I’d imagine one of their tasks will be in assisting with the KYC process! This will be very useful, as it will be at the local level; they will know exactly the steps required for that region!


We pay per recharge. No billing system here.
Just as Richard said on old videos. We recharge our phone when our credit is over.


@Redwan this problem will be sorted out during soft launch…


I am hoping so. I know Richard assured us of no one being left behind.
But it sucks to see everyone crossing from tier one to tier 3 with ease.
The reason of this post was to let them know how things happen here. Maybe they already know this.


We’ve just worked with Yoti to allow self certified addresses in some circumstances - please check again now (or tomorrow) and see if this option is available to you. It just went live.

TAX numbers are being worked on right now, and the system will allow NO tax number for you within the next hour or two. I would suggest trying again tomorrow and see how it works.

Please accept my apologies that your time has been taken up, we FULLY understand that people around the world can’t always give us the level of documentation that you’d expect from an EU country.

I’ve had some raised voice conversations with lawyers about the ludicrous situation that someone in a shanty town with 151 euros of ETN has to provide documents that they don’t have, and yet there are queues of people spending 200 or 300 euros on an expensive round of drinks in London in cash and nobody cares.

We’ve spoken to some users who have no idea of their birthday, as they’ve never needed it!

We have to reach a happy place where the lawyers are OK but the system works in the real world. Unfortunately the only way to achieve that has been to switch it on in soft launch mode and start learning our lessons and coding.

We are striving to ensure that we provide enough KYC to allow our commercial operations to expand into global brands and larger mobile operators, whose legal teams insist on it, and to comply with EU regulations. Whilst we also have an eye on the real world that we are operating in. The authorities are trying to protect everyone, not stifle them. We will find a path through this that satisfies everyone.

Remember if you are using or holding less than 150 euros worth of ETN in three months then there is NO requirement for KYC at all.

As long as you are a real person (and you sound a little too clever to be a well crafted script) We WILL get you through, don’t worry!

Have a great day!



yeah… i know how you feel… i am also one of those people who still stuck at tier 1… but it’s only 4days since the kyc launch… just give them enough time to figure out all the problem and solve it in one go


I never thought you will be reading this.
I am honored and by your post I totally see that you were aware of this problem.

I hold over 150 euros and I love the Electroneum wallet and dont wana lose it because of not providing documents.
Yes there are people who dont even know their birth date. Take my dad for example, he doesnt even know his year of birth and yet every document he has a date which we all know isnt his real date.
Thats my dads generation but now things have changed alot here in Bangladesh and a lot is still the same. (Now we have NID cards)
Its hard to explain if someone has never been here.

I hope I can get onboard. Electroneum is a project I very much believe in and want to be in its whole journey.

Thank you Richard for your time.
My post here was just to let the ETNTEAM know how things are here but it looks like you already know about it.


Thanks for posting here man. I’m sure Richard appreciates these types of posts. Its how the company learns and makes changes to occomodate different users.

The more of these posts we get, the faster ETN can implement changes to solve the issues.


That was the intention.
I can’t expect people from one side of the world to understand the problems of other side if we dont explain it.

I know the team is working hard and I have always seen the team working hard from day one.
I thought someone from my side of the world should talk about it and make them aware.


This caught my attention.


Haha, it was just to prove a point.
I love Electroneum more then any other coin. No wonder I am so stressed about not being able to do kyc on soft launch.


Just keep on gathering ETNs and in the future you can worry about the transactions if you want. :slight_smile:


Hi I have sent in my KYC tier 2 supporting document twice but both times it has been rejected because it doesn’t meet some requirements, both times the documents have been my sky bills both times they have been issued within the last two months, this is the only documents I can get my hands on because they have been issued within the last 2 months the rest i.e is my council tax was issued in March 2018, water bill comes ever six months, what else can I send.

Mr Paul bought and holding since ICO last year.


What type of documents did you send exactly?


Did you take a support ticket?
Mine was resolved as I informed them about my countries tax system.
Its best you explain in brief why you dont have the asked documents.


Hi, the document I sent was my Oct 2018 sky bill and then after it was rejected first time I sent another Sky bill but for Sep 2018.

Mr Paul


Can you tell me what documents exactly do they require you to add? I believe there are several examples there. I can’t remember now what they were.