My issues still haven't been resolved for over 16days

Complete lack of communication from the support department. I havent been able to retrieve ETN cryptocurrency, which I mined day in day out.

May I ask what you were advised by the support team?

I havent had a reply from them at all for many weeks now. My situation is still open.

Do you have a support ticket number? Please DM it to me.

(17860) is one of the codes

Side note, don’t submit more than one ticket for the same issue 10413. That will likely slow the process down.

If you wish to update support, provide information or request an update, access your ticket on the support portal and add a comment. :+1:

I mean. The process was already slow as hell. I didnt receive a reply for around 9 days so I tried to add to the situation

Yup, very busy time. Can take up to 10 working days for tickets to be dealt with.

I have now recieved a reply after 26 days. It says I didn’t complete the selfies so won’t be able to have a payout. . This is unbelievable. And I am appalled with how I have been treated but your customer service. Completely unsatisfactory. I completed both selfies and sent them off numerous times. Unbelievable.

Hello. I have looked into this and spoken to several people internally about your situation. Please understand, in order to receive ETN Rewards payouts you need to be a verified user. In order to become a verified user, you would have needed to submit all the required information, including selfies, prior to the ETN Rewards programme ending. I have asked several people to look into your account and they all confirmed your selfies did not meet the requirements provided to you by the app, despite several attempts. In which case, as you were not a verified user by the time the program ended, you cannot be paid out. The rule is there to protect the system and its users, so we cannot act in any other way. I do apologise this answer isn’t what you were looking for, but I hope you understand the reasoning.

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