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So last night late in bed I was thinking about ETN. I came around to think in what other ways could people be creative and use ETN to get something fun and maybe a little off the beaten path. Then it hit me as something different from Anytask or any known platform right now that I am aware of. The more I thought about it, I liked it, a lot, so I will share it here!

The Concept: People send ETN in varying amounts (what they are comfortable sending) to those wishing to be in the project which I will dub as the Community ETN Life Bubble.(if you have thoughts on a better name let me know) In return the person receiving ETN sends back a mystery box filled with all sorts of goodies relating to the relative price of what was sent to them in ETN.

The Engagement: To make this work the community would be helping engage more community by sharing, sending, and receiving cool stuff created by the community for the community with a very personal side potentially to what you are getting. All with a little mystery involved!!! There is no ordering of things here simply sending off ETN and in return getting a surprise box of stuff in return.

The Execution. We start a list of whom would want to be in this project to either send ETN or be the creator of the box (receive the ETN) or both.

A moderator would maintain the list (most likely me) of whom is invloved and if they are sending and or receiving, and set in motion who gets the the ETN public addresses to ensure it is completely random and mysterious.

Some sort of feedback could also be initiated or posted showing what it was that was sent, pics, etc so the community could see everything as it rolls out becoming bigger and bigger.

The Rules are Simple:

  1. You send what you want in ETN, to those that are in the project via the moderator. You include contact info (ETN public address) and a physical address (this goes to the moderator(s) so they can set up your mystery contact whom will send you the mystery box.) You send an undisclosed amount of ETN off to them via the moderator (ETN public address supplied by the moderator, or something along that line) to initiate the project.

  2. If someone sends you any amount of ETN at say at least a minimum of $10 worth you must send something back within 30 days. (who knows where they live so I believe that to be reasonable.)

Box Contents: Ideas

ETN things like stickers, coins, basically any merch with ETN stuff on it. (how cool would that be)

Cultural things, like maybe candy, art, something hand made or something from where you are in the world!

A poem, book, art sketch, story, pictures of anything really that would allow the receiving person to feel more connected to the community by engaging in the project.

If it works out then you could send multiple boxes out to multiple people, or vice versa get a lot of request from people for a mystery box, making each send unique, fun, inspiring, and ETN community based.

The Payoff: Just like Anytask and other platforms that promote community growing and the eco system to be used this could fit right in with something like that.

I need to sort some more things out but overall I really like this idea and I would be really excited to see what I would get from someone, and what I would put together for someone!

Anyways cheers and have a great day everyone!!

Much Love- Thunder

I know some business do this with things specific things (makeup, beer, etc) so this idea is not completely new but I think maybe elaborated on. I still like it and wanted to share and see what you all think and if anyone would be interested in doing this with me?

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