My ETN wallet balance hasnt updated since last payment on March 21 2020

my etn wallet balance hasnt updated since my last payment gone through to my wallet on MARCH 21 2020 hour 07:23 and my wallet ballance is stuck at 1,016.64 ETN for a while now even though through the notifications tab i see more transaction that gone through but my wallet didnt update. what is it to do

Have you updated to the latest version 4.6.1 ?
Try turning your phone off and back on .

If that doesn’t work. using a different email address to your main account… raise a ticket and explain and the team will take a look at it …


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yes i did everyting you told me to and still nothing

It takes time for the team to respond …
They are very busy at the minute .

Please have patience . It will get sorted


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