So I googled and it says you would be in Italy :thinking::thinking::thinking:


The answer is italy.


Welcome to Italy.


lol awesome pic yeah I think this was the easiest one for everybody. I will make tomorrow’s the hardest yet! Super rare holiday question with a bonus ETN prize of another 500 ETN for the 1st one that gets it right! Good luck everyone!


@Thunder no question today ?


Yes @Jernej there is a question. My apologies I just got in from a holiday event I was attending that ran late!

GOOD LUCK team, it’s go time, as always the challenge is listed in the title of this event scroll up to see it, and this ones a stumper! A bonus 1000 ETN to whom ever actually gets it right first!


to our registered event members only (just for clarification)


I upped it to 1000 that’s how confident I am lol


Awesome thanks everyone glad to be apart of this :zap::wave:


Well this one has had the most responses so far with many of you guessing incorrectly! Two people guessed correctly one almost right away. @Tanwax is on fire, so congrats to him for guessing right away more or less! 1000 ETN coming his way tonight! As a secondary prize I am also sending 500 ETN to @wTz1 who answered correctly. WEll done everyone I truly hope you are enjoying this daily contest event!!!

P.S. I am away tonight for dinner and holiday festivities at my mother in laws so I will try and update tomorrows question in about three hours from now.

many of you guessed New Years which was wrong. The correct answer is it is known as Mrs Claus given first name(s) depending on where you are from!

Good luck on tomorrows question that I will post later on tonight!


That was my answer? Maybe I wasn’t eligible. :wink:


correct you had right answer but long after it was already given from the other two. Good job though lots got it wrong!


Tomorrow’s challenge posted now as I am out for the rest of the night! Cheers! Tanwax I will send your 1000 ETN later tonight!


Orange zest cookie :slight_smile:


Is it still possible to register for this event? The daily challenges? If so, here is my addy


An Orange Zest Cookie

Or more fully Greek honey macaroons with crushed walnuts, traditionally served at Christmas!


An orange zest cookie.


I have added you to the list


Did you really just give me 500 ETN in the spirit of Christmas? I just checked my wallet and you did. You 'bout to kill the Grinch in me man.
Now I’m starting to think of ways to give to the community in the spirit of Christmas.


Orange zest cookie…and thanks for the ETN yesterday. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3: