@Tanwax and others so far everyone has answered Day Three Event Question incorrectly! Read it again.

Your only HINT: It is NOT a sleigh with reindeer, but something else completely different!


In the Netherlands Santa can be seen flying across the sky on what? What other one country would he also be seen on the same thing riding across the sky? … what is he riding? and go!


santa Claus actually ride fantasy trolley and travel all over the world and actually I started to think that he could spread ETN all over the world as you sir

COUNTRY :wink::gift::gift::gift::tada::gift::christmas_tree::rocket:


Marry Christmas everyone I am-going in to my forest to get fir and cedar boughs to make wreaths for family and friends.


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re-read the holiday season title event to see what the new challenge is… Cheers


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When I was a boy I had 4 sisters and 3 brothers I was the youngest of all 8. My mother would make 8 to 10 different kinds of cookies and we would eat them on Christmas morning. We had so many presents under the tree that they would pile up the wall and almost bury the tree. We would wake up at 5:00 AM to tear in to the presents. We had so much paper from the wrapping that we could pile it up 4 foot high and dive into it like a pile of leafs in the fall. @Thunder


Well I think my funnest or most memorable Christmas moment would have been a Christmas spent in Tunisia, it was certainly different! A stark contrast from the winter scenes that are always so prominent, we were riding a camel in the Sahara desert! We headed back to the hotel where Santa was giving out all the gifts to the children (mum and dad’s provided the gifts and santa delivered them to the children in a huge hall!

Santa decided to troll me and my brother, at the request of my father and leave our presents right till the end and say thank you to all the children for coming, everyone has their present. Both my brother and I were absolutely horrified of course with both of us almost in tears when ho,ho,ho Santa found two more presents!

Inside our gifts was exactly what we had both wanted as always. A game boy each with a selection of games and more importantly a cable that connected both game boys together so we could trash dad at Tetris! The most important thing about Christmas is just spending quality time with family and friends but the gifts are fun too!


Day 5 challenge.
When I was a kid one day in December we got a huge blizzard and they called off school for the day. That was always amazing enough to wake up to a no school snow day. But then my mother said that we were going to go and spend the day sledding. So we went to one of the local hills in our area and spent the day sledding together. It was a great day for sure!


This is slightly sad as I think about it as an adult, but trust me at the time everyone saw the funny side. I would have been about eight years old and we were doing the usual running about seeing family. We went to see my Great Grandmother who at this time was well into her 80’s. She was a lovely old lady. We turned up to her bungalow and duly went in. She was as usual happy to see us all, but was surprised we hadn’t visited before Christmas day as we all usually did. She told us how she had made a lovely Christmas dinner for herself but didn’t like the fact that the Queen’s speech had not been on the BBC channel this year…It was actually Christmas Eve and the poor dear had gotten confused thinking it was actually Christmas. As a positive person she decided it was great as she could have another Christmas day the next day and another Christmas meal. It’s not actually a favourite exciting memory, but reminds me that family is the most important thing you can have and you only have some people for a short time so you should enjoy their company when you can.


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For some of you it is now Dec 6th and for those whom are not yet on Dec 6th yet based on geographical location don’t sweat it. I have listed the new challenge for the day! Read it carefully and have fun! Good Luck! It is once again in the title to this forum category scroll back to the beginning to see what it is!


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You would be in “Italy” for sure