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Albert was married to Queen Victoria not queen Elizabeth in 1840.

What tradition was introduced by Prince Albert?

'It has been long considered that in Britain, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband introduced the idea of bringing a tree indoors at Christmas and this was a fashion soon copied throughout the land.

The Christmas Tree is a German tradition
In the 1800s the tradition of a Christmas tree then moved to England and onto America through Pennsylvanian German immigrants.
After the death of Queen Victoria, the artificial Christmas tree became popular, including the Goose Feather tree made in Germany.' 

from Anglo Trees UK Christmas Tree History


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Multiple members should now have ETN from their secret Santa’s! If you do not don’t worry some secret Santa’s are waiting for DEC 25th.


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:satellite::vibration_mode::gift::zap: I love this idea thank you for that hard work of putting it together ! Happy holidays community !


For Secret Santa’s that have sent their ETN to their recipient please pm me letting me know. This way I can track so no one gets missed! Remember PM me don’t post it in general forum!

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I do think it important that people think first and don’t give anything away. That’s put a smile on my face, I think I’ll toast to that! :beers:


WOW people just WOW!!! So even though we are early into this holiday event much ETN has already gone to the intended recipient’s making this venture already really successful! over 34000 ETN has been sent so far to many different recipients and we are not done by a long shot! Thank you so much to everyone involved and may you have a truly awesome holiday season!!

P.S. Keep in mind some people are waiting to send on XMAS day so if you don’t have any yet and you are registered don’t sweat it!

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I agree it’s a great idea I’ll cheers to that ! Thank you to everyone participating in this event !


I have updated the title of this event with Day 3 Challenge (scroll all the way to the top and re-read) and today’s 500 ETN winner is a big congrats to @storm! Big thanks to everyone else involved in this Holiday event! Keep the answers coming, keep watching I am doing 500 ETN give away every day for a while now!


Huge and Great start for christmas season! Thanks @Thunder !!! Gift received!


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