Want a chance to win FREE ETN??? Want to be a secret Santa for someone? Then post me with your ETN address and a quick message saying you want in. In Dec i will send you your Secret Recipient that you can be a Secret Santa for!! I will also be sending out random ETN prizes for completing holiday themed contests. Stay tuned for more fun!!!


Thunders 1st Game: ETN Word Search:

Here is your word search words list!!! Find all of them, in the lightning bolt puzzle below, then complete what I have listed on the bottom and post me! Cheers!
































Good Luck and have fun finding all the words: Here is the puzzle

                                         F  T  A  N  W  A  X  M  B  F  A  R  R  A  M
                                     C U  P  A  N  D  H  A  N  D  L   E  F  Y   I 
                                     A N  M  F  D  X  B  Q  G  N  G  A  L  S 
                                      L  I   A   I   R  F  M  I   A   D  N  L  T
                                  S A O  R  G  A   Q E  U  E   A  E  E
                                  P M C  K  H  W  U J   L  T   H  R 
                              F  A B U  E  T   D  S  B  I   O   S  P
                              L  Z O K  T  T    I   R  C B  P   W
                              Z  Z R Q  C H   U  D  C E  A
                           Y A  I  I  M  A E   Q  X   L N
                           H T N C U  P D    S  L  D X 
                       D T  A G H E T  U   S  O  A
                                      A N O  M  G  K  A  R  N  D  W
                                  S R O T   P  Y   R  C H   D  F
                                  D D R H   C  B  H  O  T   I
                               U I  E  T E   L  W D  M  A
                               K K L  C M  U  L  H  T
                            B E M L E O  B  D  A
                            R E S S L O  N  P
                          L I  E K OE N F
                      K G RE D N U H T 
                      Y P DWN T  F Q
                  R V Y F OM O B
                            B B O R E D O M 
                            C Y E T N  R C
                         B U D EN A  O
                         H WK O I L
                         A O S P D
                      N C L O S Z 
                      X E T T N
                  Q E P O O 
                  P Y R O
                  R A B Q
                  C G H J
                  E J  L
                  Z H
               E F
             A A 

Once you are done post me, also include five other words not in the words list that I have hidden. All completed works p.m. with your name to be entered into a draw for 500 ETN remember to send me your etn addy!!!

Good Luck and Have fun

P.S. I made this and purposefully messed with the lines a bit to make it more difficult for the easy spot. You will also find some very familiar names on the list. If you would like your name in the next puzzle then let me know!! Cheers and have a great day everyone!!


so I find all the words and do what ? I am not clear about the steps


YOU are good I have added you to the draw for 500 ETN I will draw the winner on Dec 1st



This cross word is giving my cross eyes haha I will try when I’m not half asleep that’s awesome I love it! @Thunder .


I am waiting for the festivities to begin!


Thunder’s 2nd Game: Go through the word search and unscramble the letters (thinking about words used in the crypto space, or on our community chat.) IF at least five people do this I will add another 500 ETN to the draw on Dec 1st (The spacing I have left is your only hint, most are easy a couple should be tricky!)

For Example:

NOMO: = _ _ _ _ the correct answer = Moon (and as it goes down it too shall come up again!!!)

Here we go:

  1. PASHCESIP = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. NOOM = _ _ _ _
  3. NTE = _ _ _
  4. ENDLALO = _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
  5. KDMI-I = _ - _ _ _
  6. BOMAL = _ _ _ _ _
  7. TOYSERPTOCRP = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  8. SSAPDOAMNIOT = _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  9. LOHD = _ _ _ _
  10. NAMSIRROGHC = _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _
  11. OLDSTAGEROC = _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  12. FOOM = _ _ _ _
  13. BOON = _ _ _ _
  14. GERDEL = _ _ _ _ _ _
  15. PIATOPYCR = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  16. UNTHRED = _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  17. KECTAMPAR = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  18. MORTS = _ _ _ _ _
  19. NADREW = _ _ _ _ _ _
  20. SREIHCALLDR = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

Good luck, much love to you all!!!

  • Thunder

P.S. This is a bonus couple for those of you who wanted more,

PTOYRCCIMSOC = _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _
REEDEEBNEROM = _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _


Remember folks to sign up for this if you have not yet! It’s easy and I am giving away some ETN as well as you get stuff from your secret Santa!


I for one can’t wait


That makes two of us. I really hope people get into it. I have set aside some ETN for everyone. So no matter what everyone will get something!


Great to see your project in action here @Thunder
Looking great.!
Reflects the true spirit of Electroneum and its wonderful community.


may be i am late to post my etn address here…but for sure i am confident that i will get santa gift from THUNDERRR… :blush:
My etn address:

Love from asia :heart_eyes:


Now this is my kinda thing, count me in :grinning: etnk7hT3uKHhnKnBgvjGRNS3ffASXmiTYP3GBUtwR9o21xpEhTqWu1PMFucjo1b7iREtfWk1HzJFx7jQdYwmvdnq154G1CsXRa


This is a great idea but let me tell you a story of what happened when I organized/ran a Secret Santa event at the company where I worked - that way you can learn from my mistakes.

The first time I ran one our company was split into 2 warehouses and i was at the small warehouse and it went mostly fine except for 2 guys who had each others names and one guy followed through (he was an Ex-con) and bought the gift and the other guy didn’t (because he hated the Ex-con) so the first guy took back his gift. I actually ended up with the Ex-cons name when I drew the names from the box. I had everyone write their name on a slip of paper and fold it in half and I put it in a box and had everyone draw names from the box.

I was very clever in my gift. My gift was a game controller that holds your phone so you could use it to play phone games. I put it in a box and I had someone on a forklift lift me up above the guys desk which was under some racks and I placed it on top of the pallet on the upper rack and you could see it everyday of December as we worked. I took a picture of it and then I printed it off and circled it with a red marker and then I folded it and sealed it in an envelope and taped the envelope under his chair he uses everyday and told everyone what I did.
Everyone was LOL’ing the whole December. To make it even more fun I used an Android app that disguises your voice to make you sound like a kidnapper and I left a voice message on a different coworkers phone and I asked that coworker to play the message to him. I was like, “A*****, this is your Secret Santa. If you want your gift listen very carefully” and then I told him where the envelope was. He thoroughly enjoyed this and said it was the best Secret Santa gift he ever got.

The second time I arranged Secret Santa it was when all warehouses combined into 1 warehouse so there were about 35 warehouse workers and about 20 delivery workers plus we let a few office workers join under the warehouse workers group.

I made sure to separate the delivery guys from the warehouse workers and made 2 separate draw boxes so that the guys on the road wouldn’t ruin it for us warehouse workers as I knew they had a low responsibility level.
I went around and got all the names written on a slip of paper and folded them and put them in a box for the warehouse guys and had everyone draw names and then I made a record of who had whose name and I did the same thing for the delivery guys in a separate box and a separate list.

I couldn’t get to all the delivery guys because of timing so I gave both of the boxes and lists to the guy in charge of the delivery guys (the manager). I set up 2 fold out tables in the lunch room with a red cloth covering it for everyone to set their presents down on. As December marched on I kept reminding everyone to get their presents all the way to the last day.

The manager let one of the delivery guys draw from the warehouse box mistakenly and it was my name and so I never received a gift. He also did not follow any of the rules I laid out and let people pick up their gift without confirming that they had purchased their gift for their recipient first. He just shined it off like so what/not important.

Here were the rules and they were clearly published and repeated on a daily basis by me to everyone:

Minimum value of gift is $20. No sex toys/dolls, obviously offensive gifts, alcohol, drugs, weed, drug or weed paraphernalia, anything else against company rules to have on the premises.
Joke gifts are OK as long as a real gift follows afterwards. If you don’t purchase a gift for the name you draw the gift you were meant to receive goes to them closing the loop.

They ignored all of my rules. There were many bottles of alcohol gifts. One guy got extremely upset at me because I mistakenly thought he drew my name (it sounded like he said it was for me) so he got insulted that I made nothing of it (I was announcing the gifts and handing them out) and laughed and made fun of me that I didn’t get a gift until I had a coworker explain to him in Spanish that I misunderstood him and was sorry I made a mistake.

One person made a huge box and filled it with a bunch of trash and random objects which made everyone laugh as the person opening it pulled everything out (including a new tampon) and there was no real gift in the end. It was a real hit despite so many not following the rules. Everyone enjoyed it except me and I will never ever do it again because I don’t enjoy being disrespected.
But I would enjoy joining your Secret Santa arrangement if you can enforce some rules, I was unable to.


I have added you to the list!


I have added you to the the ongoing list, stay tuned for more!


I have added you to the list. Great story and I have ideas that will go a long way! More to follow in December!


My gift will be atleast $20 value

edit: I just noticed my address ends in qq which means crying. What are the odds? LOL


@Aironeous I am reviewing your comments and extracting a lot of good stuff, I will be adding my “the rules / guidelines” shortly, utilizing some if not most of what you gave me!. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me how this has worked in the past for you, and for sharing your story!


Cheers mate, looking forward to being involved!