My Electroneum Journey - Demand meets Value


CDEX, even though the price still is way too low its been a good Journey.
I like your analytics, one addition that really would create (ETN) money velocity is if the Electroneum team can add the possibility of direct ETN phurcase via the IOS and Android mobile wallet application using regular credit or debit cards, like VISA or Master card.

The fact is that fiat money will still exists for many years to come, Doing so will ease the process of accepting crypto (ETN) as payment speeding up money velocity and ETN adoption

Any retail or web store using the Electroneum API would embrace susch a soloution as customers can then easily get hold of ETN for payments. The retailers (ETN enthusiast) can then offer benefits if customers pay with ETN creating free marketing and increased money velocity.

As of today getting hold of ETN is to complicated for the majority of people, so adding this option within the wallet would really be beneficial.

Electroneum team, we all appreciate your hatd work but I really think that this is a vital missing piece that may could increase the adoption by 1000 fold.

Appreciate if this gets done and are elevated on your priotity list for 2019.

Happy new year to all.


Fantastic piece…!! I Agree wholeheartedly with what you say…:+1::+1:
I Even reposted it on the FB community page because i think Everybody should read this…!!
Well Done…:facepunch::facepunch:


In answer to your 10 questions, not many if any.


Excellent thoughts put to paper…so to speak.

The only thing I’d add is a little mention about the upcoming enterprise wallet system that will allow hundreds of millions of daily transactions to happen instanty with zero fees without involving the blockchain to process the transactions.

When that sytem is live, ETN changes the global landscape of digital payment services and personal remittance forever.


OK, now i’m going to buy buildings and lots of car. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Best I get my skates on and dip in for a little bit more ETN. This is going to be an epic year… history making


I truly believe you just helped Mick Jagger, to find some satisfaction.
Jokes aside, I appreciate every word written, I could not have said this better myself. Your vision for Electroneum is similar to mine, I’m in love with the vision of this enterprise, the landscape is changing before our eyes, innovation and tremendous growth is occurring right now and it’s not only the project and its continued development but also the character and attitude of the wonderful human beings taking action and expressing themselves as you have so succinctly in this forum.
We all have dreams, goals and desires, one of mine is to provide a world with equality, pollution free for my children and everyone to thrive. I’ve not in my lifetime witnessed anything that can cause change and enable people to do this like what we have in our hands, hearts and minds like ETN.
As human beings we have a innate desire to be in control of our destiny, to say I want this, I need that, and I shouldn’t have to be told what to do, I will do as I please. People in power think they have a right to control others and prevent people from expressing themselves, they take away our dignity and demand our respect by giving us no option but to vote or be thrown to the dogs. Oh how wrong they are, these politicians and governments are all about to witness a change where empowerment can and will change the people and reconnect families instead of ripping them apart, small businesses will be more powerful than corporations and a balance of the scales will occur the world over, because they gave us no choices in the first place. Electroneum is the catalyst for empowering the changes that must take place, I am proud to stand by you and fight for the freedom it offers the world, it’s long overdue.


We often read and hear about conflict between nations and different groups around the world. I once worked for a cruise company and under my control I had 70 different nationalities… it was hard work and proved to me that it is religion and governments that cause conflict… everyone I worked with had respect for themselves and others, regardless of race, colour, nationality or beliefs.
Our ETN community reminds me of that time in my life. Together we thrive, everyone has something to offer no matter how small. It only takes one person to talk to 10 others then they talk to 10 more each and soon enough everyone knows about a little project called electroneum… it doesn’t matter where you are from, it’s where your heading and what you can do to make a difference… my goal is to tell the boss im not available anymore and be able to concentrate on a little project I have in mind to help less advantaged people in my area… as I said… it’s where your heading that really matters