My Electroneum Journey - Demand meets Value

The current and future demand of ETN and how it is probably the most undervalued digital asset at this point in time in the entire crypto currency market.

Buying Microsoft shares at under a penny!?? I wish…But what if an opportunity like that is right before your very eyes…hmm.

So, 2018, a year that won’t be forgotten anytime soon; it’s been emotional lol. It’s been quite the eye opener actually, not only the new kids on the block so to speak dipping their little toe in for the first time but experienced traders with decades of experience in many if not all of the financial markets too!

But wait I say!!! All of the financial markets…? This isn’t just any financial market though is it?! Ohhh no… This is a completely new asset class. Yes, in the big picture crypto is a 100% totally new asset class and an asset class we are still very early adopters of. In fact the last new asset class to be introduced into the markets was back in 1696! That’s over 300 years ago! It’s mind-blowing when you really think about it, the last time someone could buy into an asset class on inception at the introductory price of that asset was approximately 4 human lifetimes ago… Now something to note further here is even if you were around at that time in the 1690’s you needed to be invited to the party as I like to say. In other words you had to have a lot of money, you had to be a trusted participant, it’s what we call an Angel Investor, institutional investor etc. So every day people like you and I didn’t have a chance of getting in on the action even if we wanted to! This is why this new asset class is so important and still the opportunity of a lifetime and why historically the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. There’s a famous quote from Henry Ford back in 1922 and it goes something like this…“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”. How true this is but we’re far beyond that stage now…

So as far as this dreadfully woeful year has been and seeing how the market has reacted to various developments shall we say it’s quite plain and simple to see there won’t be many that out shine Electroneum in 2019 onwards. I mean it’s all about steady growth, development and careful planning and that is where so many failed this year. Failed because they weren’t cut out for the job needed in the fundamentals of business planning. This list of projects that fail after their launch is growing rapidly and really highlights how unsustainable 2017 was and the pure abundance of bad projects that were around at the time. Not the case for Electroneum though as we know. We’re not going anywhere but up, up and up some more. High enough to keep establishing Electroneum’s mite and accomplishments even further.

This is the calm before the proverbial storm as they say. We’re through the tough times with ETN imo, things will be quite different for every Electroneum hodler and adopter in the coming months and years. We will see ETN slowly break away from other pairings and the majority of the market. It will travel on its own unique road, smooth and polished from first mover privileges that we are blessed with. It will start to set itself apart from the rest even more especially having instant payment gateways enabling any merchant any where in the world to accept ETN as payment fast and securely. This is seriously underestimated of how important this is for the company and its ultimate success.

With the addition of Cloud mining, the GIG Economy and HUGE projected growth from many analysts, Electroneum is destined to be on the world stage. Look at what has been accomplished in the short time ETN has been around… Now think about what can be and will be accomplished in the future…the possibilities and opportunities are endless for the company and will only grow day by day by day. I’m SUPER excited to see everything unfold and to see the people of the world start to sit up and take not just an interest but actually use it. When that will be no-one knows but with great confidence I can say that we will have that day, one day.

Now that, my friends, is the future. A future where digital assets are household names discussed at breakfast before the school run and how little johnny bought his football cards using his ETN and how dad is sending money to granny on the other side of the world and how its so cheap and easy to use as every penny counts for Granny bless her. It really does prove that where there is a vision, a dream there is progress. The world is already a better place for having this great digital asset but just you wait until things really start going and the machine moves into high gear you can bet your last £ that the momentum of Electroneum will be so so great that it will be impossible not to adopt it! I truly believe it has the making for more adoption than we have seen from anything. I mean not just cryptocurrency, I mean anything and everything! More adoption than the internet even! My reason for this is simplicity. Application and accessability is a constant evolution and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Richard and the team have mastered those two factors evolving as the numbers grow which brings me to the community.

The innovation and talent that is oozing out from every corner of the globe but doesnt always get recognised, untilised or commercialised to enable these fire in their belly, super talented people not only to get opportunity to flourish but Electroneum will be the catalyst. That alone, forgetting every other aspect of Electroneum is VERY powerful. Once the GIG Economy gets its feet firmly under the table of this digital space you better hold on to your hats because thats when things will really get exciting. That partnered with large brand MEGA deals opening the flood gates to even more adoption there will be no stopping ETN.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the one and only world adopted digital asset (i mean it may be) as there will always be waves of competition trying to chomp on the heals but by growing a company like Electroneum from nothing to what you know and see today where so many have failed will NOT be ignored as the brand takes more of a foothold as time goes on.

So the big question everyone asks themselves is why so cheap? Why is the price down? Why why why… Well the simple answer is all markets are down atm and that has a direct impact on every company within that specific market. As I mentioned earlier, in time ETN will break away and already I see signs of this happening. So in the future hyperphetically speaking it won’t matter how Bitcoin is doing as ETN will not be correlated with it like it is today.

My conclusion here is quite simple to see and feel at comfort sharing with you all. Electroneum is an absolute BARGAIN!!! I am constantly buying as this opportunity is too great to ignore. In some ways I hope the price remains this low so I can accumulate more but I know that when news starts dropping at MWC the opportunity of buying ETN at under a penny will be lost, the momentum will take control and a new support will be set higher and higher thus giving stability and growth to ETN. We will look back at these times and imo will kick and curse ourselves for not believing more in the company, not shouting about it louder to friends and family and ultimately not filling our bags more! 0.0075 is a steal, the sale of the century so I’m filling my bags more and more for one day we will see ETN with a $1 + price tag and easily. When that day is time will tell but my bet is within the next 18 months and $2 to $5 within 36 months. That isn’t just a pie in the sky prediction either. This is algorithmic calculations from the running data through a good accountant I know (he has a cynical view on most things I must add) on the current growth of Electroneum and numbers but what is interesting is IMO the growth is going to start to spike at some stage so those figures can rise dramatically. IMO that speaks for itself… Heaven cent won’t be around forever I can tell you that now!!

Now let me leave you with these 10 questions to ask yourself and be honest with your answers… I think the proof is in the pudding! (a good old British saying)

How many projects do you know that has a leader like Richard Ells with an already proven track record of success, innovation and acute planning?

How many projects do you know that have already confirmed they can complete the task set to the finish with the funds raised at ICO?

How many projects do you know that has their new building premise being built as we speak and in a BEAR market?

How many projects do you know that have been invited as an official member to the Mobile World Congress for the second year running and partnered with the GSMA?

How many projects do you know that has a Sir Chris Gorman, OBE in their company?

How many projects do you know that rewards the user for participation straight into the palm of their hand?

How many projects do you know that have out grown powerhouse companies such as Facebook and Twitter in the same amount of time?

How many projects do you know that has a community as large and passionate as Electroneum’s?

How many projects do you know that has a fully working product with utility such as the instant payment patented platform and is fully KYC compliant?

How many projects do you know that have a more dedicated, hard working team behind the scenes than Electroneum?

Now IF and it’s a big IF you were honest with your answers on a none emotional basis you’ve probably just sat back and thought about a top 10 list of projects if not top 20 that won’t look too dissimilar to the top 10/20 today however the difference is that one day in the not so distant future I believe that list will include Electroneum - ETN.

Now think about that as we sit at where we sit…

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my view on things ETN and remember I’m not a financial advisor, it is just my opinion so please make your own informed decisions before participating in any financial activity.


CDEX :smile:

Great read thank you for taking the time to write this up its great to hear from those like minded! :+1: Many great things to come for Electroneum ! :zap::zap::zap:


I’ve read many excellent articles on this forum and this one is up there with the very best of them.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this.
Many thanks :+1:


Great read, i’m :100:% full of your opinion! :+1:


You nailed it :zap::zap::zap:


Superbly written, I am fully with you the company has set out it’s goals to be a powerhouse. This is such an early asset class but we are building our name and foundations properly.

One thing though your question : How many projects do you know that has their new building premise being built as we speak and in a BEAR market?

Where is this building…Do you have any links as I have missed this, I vaguely remember a video but that would be great to know/look into if you can remember. Really exciting stuff as it shows expansion of Electroneum always a good sign :smiley:


Thanks for writing that up so I didn’t have to:) Well done!


Now that’s how you rally up the masses.

Well written… thankyou


If that’s not a call to arms (so to speak,) I don’t know what is. Beautifully and succinctly put. First post I have read by you and it has me excited after a pretty stagnant couple of months. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Brilliant writeup…
A lot of thought and effort to be commended on this piece!
Im right there with you on your viewpoint.
Thankyou for your contribution!


Couldn’t agree more with this fantastic piece that you’ve written!


Excellent write up. A very well written and spot on read. I agree with you 100% and I am very excited about the future of this project as well. Well done sir, thank you for taking the time to write this and remind everyone what ETN is all about.

2019 here we come!


Good read, it’s worth reading


Great job! Im grope with words…:grinning:


Well Done Dom!

Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated is always a source of inspiration, thanks for taking the time to write and post it here in the community forum.

We see so much of the negative comments these days and this bear market does not help, so it is refreshing to have a positive, upbeat personal thoughts and feelings on the good things that are happening. It is a great motivator for many, even if they do not say it. Thanks again for such uplifting perspective and coverage.



What a brilliant read! Such inspiring and wise words, very well put. Thanks for sharing @CDEX :purple_heart::orange_heart::sparkling_heart: and :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: for you!


Thanks for this excellent article. Agree 100% with you about the growth curve for this company and ETN.


Really nice writeup + Thank you for taking the time! And if possible, keep them coming ;)!


Superb write, thank you.


CDEX, even though the price still is way too low its been a good Journey.
I like your analytics, one addition that really would create (ETN) money velocity is if the Electroneum team can add the possibility of direct ETN phurcase via the IOS and Android mobile wallet application using regular credit or debit cards, like VISA or Master card.

The fact is that fiat money will still exists for many years to come, Doing so will ease the process of accepting crypto (ETN) as payment speeding up money velocity and ETN adoption

Any retail or web store using the Electroneum API would embrace susch a soloution as customers can then easily get hold of ETN for payments. The retailers (ETN enthusiast) can then offer benefits if customers pay with ETN creating free marketing and increased money velocity.

As of today getting hold of ETN is to complicated for the majority of people, so adding this option within the wallet would really be beneficial.

Electroneum team, we all appreciate your hatd work but I really think that this is a vital missing piece that may could increase the adoption by 1000 fold.

Appreciate if this gets done and are elevated on your priotity list for 2019.

Happy new year to all.