My Electroneum App Not Opening

For quite sometime now, electroneum app has not been opening on my device. I have even written to the ETN support team but they were unable to rectify it. Please, kindly advise me on how to resolve the problem. Thanks.

Uninstall,then install again and I think it will be okay,


Agreed also check to make sure you updated . If it still doesn’t work raise a support ticket Via

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I have done that severally but to no avail

Yea, it is up to date. Raised support before now but they couldn’t do much

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Are you using any Virtual Private Network

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Maybe you need to do KYC. Go to, then settings, then profile…

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No, I’m not using it.

I have completed all level of ETN KYC

Then relax and try again

Try restarting your phone then starting the app , sometimes apps get stuck and restarting is required…

But I think your electroneum app should open before you can log on here,

I am a Pakistani citizen and living in Hong Kong as an assylum seeker. I cannot open a bank account here so I am unable to provide any bank statement right now until I am not in my home country Pakistan where I can open an account and can get a bank statement. I uploaded my existing Visa Card picture, I uploaded my online forex trading account’s statement but both are refused! What should I do now, my two levels are completed but not the third one. As well as at Yoti there is no option to accept Pakistani Identity Card, there is only an option of Passport which is submitted at Hong Kong Immigration Department until I am here in this country and I will be able to get it when I will leave Hong Kong to travel to my country Pakistan. I bought ETN coins from my hard earned money and now my account is not being opened. Please solve my problem so I can transfer my coins to Cryptopia Exchange to save them. I am helpless to provide any proof for source of funds because here my friends help me, plus Hong Kong Government facilitate me for my eating, living and for my medication if needed. Your KYC really disturbed me so much even your policies are more strickt than a bank. I am not reluctant to say that people will dislike your ways of strickt KYC. I hope that you will give me helping hand to solve out my problem.

Please comment on this thread for any issues/questions regarding kyc. The top of the thread provides a lot of information. I will message you also to try to help further. Thank you for your patience.