My Christmas Message


Was the night before Christmas back in 2017,
Had just been introduced, I was new on the scene.

The year has flown by with a furious speed,
Much passion around me, the will to succeed.

Now success is a journey, it’s not an aim or an end,
Gives us independence, where we set the trend.

Very few have the ability, or know how to do it,
And even less have the mass, the support to push through it.

So I thank one and all for what you have done,
Worked hard through the year, now delivered a ton.

Now let’s play and party and make sure you have fun,
2019 is ours, We’re ELECTRONEUM

Chris Gorman, very proud Director of Electroneum

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!

What a creative message @chris.gorman ! :grinning: I read it such as the poem it was a joy! Happy Holidays thank you for this Christmas cheer :zap:


I’ll raise a glass to that. Here’s to the wonderful ETN team and 2019. The year of Electroneum.


We are what we are, hearts filled with joy
Merry Christmas to our noble forum members


Chris is crisp as he delivers the thought,
that ETN is all that I need because its all that I got.

Not so much price, but it’s the path that’s exciting
and excited I am, which is why I am writing.

From the wealthy to poor, and from the West to the East
Every ETN user is in for a treat.

Team ETN rocks, and we get what you’re saying
Simplicity and ease-of-use is simply amazing!!

Merry Christmas my ETN family!


Creative. Thanks for all you and the team have done. Love this project.


Sounds awesome!!! 2019 is Electroneum! Merry Christmas all!!!


Merry Christmas to you too @chris.gorman thank you all the amazing work you and the team have done. 2018 has been a tough year in crypto but ETN team have smashed and surpassed targets and we are forever grateful for that. If it’s not clear yet; we :purple_heart::orange_heart::sparkling_heart: you all!!
Here’s to an even more amazing 2019.

Lots of love


Great message @chris.gorman thanks for taking the time to share it!


Yeah Team we have a poet and we did not even know it. Lucky he is the boss or someone might get cross.
Leading like a union foreman and very impressive even for Sir @chris.gorman

Seriously, the electromeum team rocks all the way up the leader great work team!