My banner for Electroneum


No problem, I understand. I will make the change this morning.
Thank you


Great, thank you! :blush:


Electroneum Accepted Full Size 30cm by 70cm posters available now for download


The new Electroneum Flag Poster series is starting to roll out on Get your country flag poster and pay with Electroneum exclusively.



Buy The New Full Size ETN Earth Poster On Sale Now
Purchase exclusively with Electroneum

Also available in other languages

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Question:Are you doing shirts ?
I simply :heart: the posters but I cant wear one to advertise!


I am not at this time making shirts, I am still looking for the right company to partner up with on that. However you can buy the poster file you want and have it made into a t-shirt at like a cafe press, or other shirt vendor. All my posters I am selling are high resolution 300dpi. I only believe in working in high resolution so the images can be printed in any media. I learned a lot over the past 13+ years in image and printing business.


Thankyou, that was just the answer I required.
I saw you mentioned earlier somewhere about them looking great on metal!
I appreciate what you learned.
Makes great business sense.


Could you make one with the golden Etn coin? Want as a Facebook profile pic.:blush:
Im sending you a 500 donation now😎
Keep up the good work!


I love them all! Great job!


Yes, he did good on this for me


Iron ETN Maiden design on the way! Up the Irons!


Wohoo.:grin:im shaking. :heart:


Revamping the online store with all new posters soon.




Posters will be for sale again at a new domain. Also I am offering custom one of a kind posters and graphics.




Slovakia :heart::heart::heart::clap::clap::+1:


You are doing a great job with these banners thank you


Series 2 of my ETN posters are almost ready. All flags, this time the posters are a giant 36 inches by 24. Great for work and home.




The International Series One collection is fully sold out. So we just released Series 2 ETN Posters and the limited edition ETN Series 3 36 x 24 inch posters are available exclusively at
Don’t miss out on the collection get your country Flag posters now!