My banner for Electroneum


The ETN storm is coming…


So this is my favorite, you really very talented


Thanks that last photo of Venice I took back in 2009. Finally had a reason to post it with an enhancement. I will be adding more banners to this post as time goes on.


Electroneum: Taking the Crypto World By Storm


I absolutely love your style. Freakkin awesome, please keep rolling these out!


More designs on the way!


For fans of Fallout and Electroneum getting ready for Fallout 76


The Electroneum For The Masses image.


Large Electroneum For The Masses poster with info.
If you would like a file to print let me know.


Electroneum For The Masses Part 2


Please use diferent flags for our key regions - where we have deals or where its a lot of people.
So now we need - korea, Hon kong, South africa, Turkey… and you can add more where you see demand - thanks


I like that idea, I was thinking the same thing.


I got something in the works for all the different regions. coming soon.


Working on huge posters for all countries.




All the country posters are available in my ETN vendor store


Oh my goodness I just found this thread and I’m going to use all my likes way to fast! These are amazing ! Really great work thank you for putting these together! Keep it up! I also checked out your thread @951fee176ccd18ad82e4 and great work on the posters also!


Thank you I put a lot of time into this project. I think it would be cool to have Electroneum style prints with info that might attract new users.


They’re very eye catching and informative! I appreciate the work you’ve done!


This posters are amazing, great work! :+1:

But can you please turn the banner in the austria poster at 90 degrees so that it is right. Then I can buy it and hang it up!
People are very sensitive in my country when it comes to a false flag :wink:

Thank you! :blush: