My banner for Electroneum


Here is my Electroneum artwork featured on PopUCulture spreading the word of ETN!


Nice work !!!

@MSystem @BegaMutex


Very nice hope you don’t mind if I copy it into my profile. Thanks.:+1:


Copy away, and advertise Electroneum with this banner.


There should be a way to like a topic started without having to use your vote. Is it there and I’m just not seeing it?


Nice work @951fee176ccd18ad82e4 keep up the good work :blush:


Looks smart, I like it, A Lot


(Please can we get rid of the 20 character limit!! :wink:)


Fantastic :slight_smile: Great Awesome :slight_smile:


A few more Electroneum banners from this collection.


Perfect job amazing :sunglasses:


Very nice, too! Thank you for putting in the time!


Feel free to use any of these banners. People have been contacting me on various social platforms. Lets get more Electroneum users, you can use these banners everywhere. More to come possibly…


Awesome @951fee176ccd18ad82e4 :grinning:


This one makes a statement.


PERFECT! This is great artwork


Thanks for your image. I use at Twitter for better viral growth.


Thanks, do it! I have been getting so many impressions, likes, comments on all of these. feel free to use them and get the word out that Electroneum is Tomorrow’s Currency… Today. Welcome to the next level. More artwork may follow.


Electroneum needs to kickstart that marketing…


Dreams will be made