My available balance is showing 0

My available balance is showing 0. I have tried by refreshing so many times but still facing the same problem both on web wallet and apps. Please resolve my problem. I don’t have any pending tx.

Also i have added some screenshots in here

Someone please help me.

  1. wait 30 min and refresh.
  2. if not came goto 1
    it will come
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Ha ha! Tried in all way since 1 months.

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…thats one for support to investigate 2442.

Raise a ticket,

(create support login if you havent before, its not the same as your wallet login).

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I have done it before. But no response
Can’t share the link here

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Busy time, be patient.

Add a update question to your ticket and ask for an update. Also make sure your wallet has refreshed by clicking on the Notifications button (top right - bell icon) and check for a Wallet Refresh which is Green (i.e. successful). I can see you have 2 notifications there…

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I have done it many times. But no update

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yup looks like something technical with your wallet.

Update ticket as suggested and wait for response, they will get you sorted :+1:

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I had a slightly similar issue with my wallet a while back. It ended up being something with my app installation itself. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it “fixed the glitch”.

I have done it 5 to 7 times.

Might try to clear the app data and cache…then uninstall/reinstall if you haven’t tried that yet.

What happens when you log into your wallet via your desktop browser?

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