My app not opening


I don’t know what is going on my mobile app miner. For more than 3 days my app is not mining. Please, help.


Hi, which is the problem? Doesn’t run, appear some message. Post a screenshot of the main screen.


Same here, the ETN startup logo just shows doesn’t go to enter 5 digit pin


Again as last week? My still works correct


Try turn off the phone. Then reinstall… Maybe something helps. Do you have kyc lvl 1 done yet?


Check your connection , sounds like it’s not reaching the server . I had a similar issue and I was trying to connect via WiFi at first so I tried 4g and it connected I then switched to WiFi and all was well.


Mine’s good now, had to wait about 5 minutes for 5 number pin screen to pop up


It’s usually the internet connection, and not the app. The app itself has no reason not to work, actually.