My app. I want to create a simple phone app


Hi i am thinking about making a crypto app that links to the forum and ETN and a exchange or 2 is that ok for Electroneum or is it something i need to apply for to Electroneum?

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How are you thinking of doing this? What kind of features. Depending on what exactly you might want/need approval. I like the concept. Electroneum app is somewhat limited on what they are able to add for features as it would hinder battery usage. If there were collective links and usability between platforms like exchanges/forum/wallet/vendors list/sites/gig economy (when it comes out) I think there is potential for a great fluid app with a lot of information. Now thinking there could also be a news section for updating a news feed for Electroneum and general crypto for up to date information.


That would depend on what you are doing… but in general, i’m sure the team would love any community development. Give us all an overview of what you are considering BFA…im sure the community could also provide invaluable feedback on what features would make it appealing to them.

My only word of warning would be anything that involves the user interacting via their log in credentials (as the forum uses their wallets login)… I have no idea if this is something that relates to your idea but something worth keeping in the back of your mind.

Good luck and keep us updated!


I will try to post some screen picks her and explanations, and it will be simple.


Maybe integrating yoti is an option? I’m not sure of cost but this would be a way of verification without entering credentials correct? Imo I agree I would heed @BegaMutex warning @B.F.A on having to imput personal credentials on app but maybe Yoti could be a means of verification and you could offset cost by ads?

In addition a nice price graph would be great.

Just thoughts trying to further this concept hopefully it’s helpful!


Tell me if you need some input, I am full time IOS developer and have been building Scandinavias biggest fintech app Swish.


OMG that would be great, i am on a level copy paste in a program so i bet a 10 years difference in education, so i just do this for fun and hope for a dollar in pay so i can pay for a program, i can hardly upload the to playstore, so don’t have to high expectation :slight_smile:


I asked the owner of the art so i am waiting for a reply, but this is the shorts cuts in the app, and i will work mor to morrow, this is the firs idea, like a sketch


@B.F.A…No Problem man…Use it with Pleasure…:+1::+1::smiley:


THX i appreciate that, they are nice


Anytime …and TY…:smile: