My Account has been locked

My ETN account has been locked. I’m unable to login into my account, How can I fix it…? I have completed 3 level verification, but I don’t know why my account has been locked.

When I login on web it shows me this error.

open a ticket at
don’t use your etn account at support


I’m sorry but I have opened a ticket with my locked account (email) before 10 days. They have asked me basic details in first reply, But they didn’t give me a second reply almost 11 days are over and I’m still waiting.

Should I open new ticket with different account…?

But they always ask email or basic details. so I think they will know that I have already opened a ticket.

What would you suggest in this case…?

AFAIK response time is max 10 business days.

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10 days are over and I’m still waiting. (As I said they replied my response about asking email and all, But they haven’t replied yet about solution or what to do)

Should I wait more or create new account to submit new ticket…?

I propose you wait till the 10 business days expire and if no answer then create a new ticket with a new support account

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From which day to 10 days:-

  1. The day I have created ticket…?
  2. The day they replied me.(asking about details)

Because if take from the day I have created ticket then today is 11th day.

10 business days?

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10 business days from the day that they replied

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I think someone said the weather in the Phillipines where the support desk is has experienced some very bad weather recently and impacted their ability to work so there may be a backlog


I was in confusion from which day. Now Got it…

Thanks :+1:

I have submitted two tickets. Is that matter…? ( In first ticket I didn’t get any reply and I was so scared about my wallet that’s why I submitted second ticket).

All should be fine… patience is a key… somtimes they busy or they have some trouble depending from the country (in Philippines recently was huragan)… but they will deal with that… no worries too much

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thank you for your wonderful response :pray::pray:

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same here, my account has been locked yesterday and I get the same message as you, I have raised a ticket.

Don’t worry, about a thing, because every little thing, is going to be alright .

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