my account has been blocked

I want to know what happened to my account. suddenly the account was blocked, I did not change anything. the account was used in accordance with the regulations. please help.Screenshot_20181022-143446_Electroneum

My best guess is you entered the wrong password or pin number too many times so the system locked the account down for a period of time for security reasons.

I’d think if ETN was trying to lock you out of your account it would display a different message and wouldn’t include a RETRY button. But then again I wasn’t involved in creating the system and or the messages it generates.

Or their MM bot detection system made an error and flagged your account wrongly, who knows. Only support can answer it for sure.

Having no idea of the actual situation I’m just making wild guesses.

I can not contact support because I have to be logged in. I can not log in. :frowning: Screenshot_20181022-173116_Samsung%20Internet

You need to make a new account on our support desk; not use your my.electroneum credentials because it’s not the same site.

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As Rachel states above, you can’t use your existing Electroneum wallet login ID and password for the support service platform.

It’s a separate system and requires a uniqe ID and password, and requires you to signup for the support service help desk.

I think that’s where you are getting confused.

Signup for a Support Service Desk account here

Use a different username and password than you have for your online wallet and app login.

Please note: You will need to create an account on our service desk to raise a support ticket. Do Not use the same username and password as the one you use for

Hope that explains it in a helpful manner. I know it’s kind of confusing that support is a totally separate account and system, but there are reasons for this…like having a way to reach support when you can’t login to your wallet account.

Plus they probably are using a support desk system that is already built, tested and proven to work that they didn’t have to code themselves that is isolated from the main user acccounts system for obvious reasons.

Probably Zendesk or something similar that ETN are using. No need to reinvent a support system when there are plug and play solutions ready to go.

I only mention this, because I’ve seen complaints before by people who didn’t like having to create a new account and password for support. There is good reason for it, actually many good reasons they did it this way.

And what now? should I buy a new phone number to register? It’s troublesome. does support hear me? can he answer me here? Users thank you for your help

Creating a support desk account shouldn’t have anything to do with your phone number. I could be wrong, I haven’t needed to use the support site yet, so have not created a support account.

It’s simply an account that needs to be created so that they can provide support for your ETN issues. Once you’ve created the support site account, you then can give them your my.electroneum account info so they can provide support for you.

I imagine they are quite swamped at the support desk site during this time of implementing KYC and such, so be patient if you can once you’ve created a support ticket.

Good luck, I hope you figure it out and get your problem resolved without too much more frustration.

I do not see anywhere where it asks you to provide a phone number when signing up for a support account, unless there’s another data input step after the first step…don’t know without creating one myself.

Use @Rach in your message here and she will be notified of the question/reply you post here on the community site. She is on the ETN team and does her best to help here.

account unlocked. thanks to @Rach :smile: