MWC Announcements

Looking forward to that 3$ a month ! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, this is amazing news.
Stand looks amazing!
Unlimited partnership is amazing!
Top up directly from Electroneum mobile app! Amazing!
Everything I expected out of Electroneum is happening :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Although I feel a little bad for making a recent thread regarding air time top up prior to these announcements :sob:


Great start. Check this out. If you look deeper into the unlimited . You will discover their parent partner, CELL C. Cell C is one of the largest MVNO wholesalers in south Africa. They have over 20 partners, including Virgin Mobile. (17 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS TOTAL). Once the unlimited is launched, the others should follow. Very Bullish for ETN.


Thank for giving me more FOMO :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::sunglasses::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::tada::tada:

Wow I never knew. Very bullish info thanks!

Fantastic news…although, I read where the people we most want in Africa make approximately $30/month. I would think that an $80 phone would seem expensive to them. That’s like a guy in USA making $3,000/month buying an $8,000 phone…hope I’m wrong…

Run, Like a WIND !

What does that mean?

I’ve got to be honest, in the lead up to MWC I was convinced these announcements were going to be about deals with mvno’s or perhaps extra functionality in the app or maybe a new form of marketing. I don’t think I’d have been disappointed with any of these things but today’s announcements, especially the phone, are INCREDIBLE.

I can’t believe no one put two and two together when an unbranded phone appeared on the website - it all makes sense looking back.

No one saw this coming but it’s great news on so many levels. I completely understand the notion that having a physical product adds legitimacy and this is definitely needed because crypto hasn’t got a great name, especially at the moment! We know ETN are legit but newcomers will understandably be nervous - this phone means, in their eyes, they’ll be dealing with a phone manufacturer rather than a crypto startup and I think that alone is invaluable! I can’t wait to see how they sell and I really hope The Unlimited see a big uptake for their SIM cards!!


Calm yourself with a nice cup of tea!

I would Top up my Vodafone account on my iPhone today (in New Zealand) with ETN if the option was there!!! :wink:

Really strange to see no reaction in the exchanges so far. I think there are just too many coins coming in from miners every day and it keeps the price down…

Yeah miners keep dumping coins and covering costs.

makes you wonder if the price will ever really get going if this is going to continue. It would require a ton of adoption to make it rise again. We did get a brief spike yesterday but its just moving between 180-200 sat range over and over.

Thats why I have said many times user numbers/adoption is secondary (come later) and the partnerships announcements and ecosystem platforms/product releases are the initial price drivers. :slight_smile:

We have to be pragmatic about each MVNO. We all know it takes time to get uptake. I think Electroneum has a great start and is doing everything right to be successful (and make adjustments as required along the way). Electroneum will use the South African results to go live with other partners.


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Yeah I agree progress is being made. I guess my issue is with the way the mining works to keep the price down…

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At least the block reward is falling (currently 8,394 ETN for latest block #494302)

09.06.2018 10622 per block
09.06.2019 will be 5300 per block
09.06.2020 will be 2650 per block
09.06.2021 will be 1825 pre block
and so on …
just imagine in 5 to 8 years …the block reward will be something like 200 etn ber block !"

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nice - hope I am still here in 5 years to spend it lol

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You’d think after these two massive announcments and the great work that the ETN team and Richard have put in the price would moon from MWC, the price has dipped even lower, most coins are up. How come??