Must see for the ETN team!

I don’t get it, the Instant Payment System has been released or not ? I mean, the “real” one, not the actual that was “instant” but not “real instant”. Do you follow me ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instant payment is available now, but the instant payment with zero fees hasn’t been released yet. It was meant to be ready in Q1, but more likely, it’ll be Q3.


That really is an impressive video though. Watching that yesterday got me pumped for all the potential and possible uses of the instant payment system. I hope the team share it on social media because I haven’t seen anyone do anything like it before. This has to be a first, right?


That’s probably the issue with ETN right now. The potential has always been huge and limitless with their whole ecosystem, the instant payment, the gig guru website, partnerships, the M1, and so on, but when it comes to what has really been delivered and in what time frame, people get frustrated.

The Soon policy needs to stop and the team needs to communicate more about where they are, where they want to come (a real roadmap) and when they will release all of that.

Day after day I read on social media original investors leaving the community, trying to recover their loss and betting on other projects. It’s a shame.


Let them get REKD trading useless fairydust coins to satisfy their hopium addiction.


This gives Tanwax FOMO need more ETN

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