Music club.. you know the drill


That’s pretty cool. I struggled with the rhythm initially but once my brain caught up I liked it. It is early though!


In addition to Magic’s song on FOMO:


I’ve actually been giving Devo more listening time the last few days at work, been a while since I have. Forgot just how punk they really were, not just poppy new wave. A podcast I listen to reminded me of that a few months ago, finally taking the time.

Thanks @Tanwax :+1:


Are we not Men we are DEVO D.E.V.O.






It’s just us against the world.

Remember ETN for centuries!




This has put me in a good mood in under 3 minutes since 1989.



That’s the power of Tim Armstrong and friends! :+1:






Anyone into tek ? :slight_smile:

This one sounds brutal on a big stack.



@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 That’s drum and bass and yes it sounds good!


Sorry magic I like liquid and other types of dnb but that track I posted is not, it’s SOS 303 tekno with a k. :slight_smile: it does however have ‘bass’ and ‘drum’ sounds. :slight_smile: