Music club.. you know the drill


What is his best album the one everyone loves ??


I honestly think most people here know him for his current solo stuff. In fact he’s rehashed some Steeldrivers songs like “Ghost of Mississippi” for his solo albums.

My favorite of his will always be the Steeldrivers first album, self-titled, with this song:

This album was a game changer for me personally in multiple ways. I didn’t know bluegrass could sound like this at the time.

The whole band are great talents, and good down to earth people. Saw them with their second singer Gary, hung out for a while after the show.


I like it . Thaks for sharing…




It’s music and dance week in the First Annual Electroneum Gala!

Come on over and post your best song and dance moves!

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Etn party!


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Exactly, come on by and join us. :+1:

It is the final countdown afterall.




If only more people understood this song, the world would be a merrier place.


This song and band have been in my head lately, Blindside from Sweden. Compared to Swedish metal in general , this is probably considered elevator music.


Who wants to join the Dark side?


Probably the craziest tune i’ve heard in a while.

Take a bow , Alan Walker!


I’m no stranger to DEVO at all, but for some reason, listening to this song makes me think of:


Because no one else has yet:


The loudest band I have ever seen, the pure bass was like a kick to the stomach. Amazing.


My tastes are quite eclectic. From metal and punk, to folk and hip hop.